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  • From 700 to 650,000 gallons & Temporary Liquid Storage up to 2,000,000 gallons.
  • 10 and a 20 year warranty depending upon the kind of liners required.
  • G115 Galvanized Steel standard, which on average has a 27% higher Zinc content for added protection and longevity, and can easily provide G140 Galvanized Steel for high salt or caustic environments.
  • Steel Core offers 6 differnet styles of liner as standard, 20 mil. PE - 30 mil. PE - 40 mil. PE - 45 mil PP - XR3-PW - XR5
  • Steel Core tanks can be engineered to ZONE 4 SEISMIC and a wind speed of 140 mph, with a Snow Load of 5O lbs per square foot.
  • Steel Core offers Custom Powder-Coating for your tank, or Wood Wrapped Tanks.

Steel Core takes pride in the fact that all of their steel has a minimum recycled content of 50% or greater and is sourced from Small family owned mills win the US, and all of their US manufacturing in US-Based using skilled US Labor.

Steel Core is the premiere manufacturer of Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks ranging from 1000 to 650,000 gallons.

Steel Core was built from the ground up. Steel Core began as installers, and those years of hands-on experience lead them to see that improvements could be made in terms of materials, appurtenances, liners, and ease of tank assembly.

When Steel Core turned into manufacturers they took their experience on the job site to the drawing board and then onto the factory floor. Steel Core considers all aspects of a tank from its use, to its easy of assembly, to how the tank itself is shipped to you.

Steel Core has use applications in Fire Protection, Potable Water, Wastewater, Irrigation Water, Agricultural Water, Rainwater & Stormwater, Chemicals, Oil, and Temporary Storage in increments up to 2,000,000 gallons.

Steel Core has the strongest "Green Manufacturing" principles and practices in the industry, and their tanks have been approved for Living Build Challenge.

SCT TankSteel CoreTank
Their TankTheir Tank


Steel Core uses a Dual-Liner System, foremost to protect the water inside the tank, but also to protect the steel to ensure long life. The Water in a Steel Core Corrugated Bolted Steel Tank NEVER touches the Steel!

Steel Core uses Liners designed specifically for each individual tank, heat welded prior to shipping, arriving ready to install. We can even use a Center Pole for support on some of our extra wide diameters (35ft.-72ft.) and still it is no problem with our Liners.

Steel Core uses the first liner in their Dual-Liner System, a Flexible Membrane Liner, to hold the water. These Liners are available in 20 mil. PE - 30 mil. PE - 40 mil. PE - 45 mil PP - XR3-PW - XR5 BPA-Free - Specialty Liners. They can hold everything from Potable (Drinking) Water to Wastewater, it all depends on your needs and what liner you choose.

Steel Core uses the second liner in their Dual-Liner System, a Geo-Text “Wick-Away” Pre-liner, to pull any condensation off of the tank roof and walls and draws it into the fabric itself. Gravity then pulls that water to the ground, allowing the water to flow out and escape.

Steel Core knows “WATER & STEEL DO NOT MIX” - Since the water is contained within the first liner, it never touches the steel, so there is no chance for corrosion in this manner.

Other corrugated tank companies use NO LINERS. The water inside their tanks has constant and direct contact with the steel tank walls, and the seams between the panels.

Other corrugated tank companies depend on epoxy interior coatings over the steel, and mastic between seams to stop their tanks from leaking. The problem with that is steel expands and contracts with changes in temperature, epoxy & mastic do not. Epoxy & Mastic crack, and cracks always get bigger. Water seeps through these cracks, and the steel rusts.

That is why Steel Core can offer their Maintenance-Free 10 & 20 Year Warranty and no other corrugated tank company can. Have a look at the pictures below to see a Steel Core Tank Interior and Another corrugated tank company’s tank interior

SCT Tank InnerSteel Core : Interior Wall - Dual-Liner System
Their Tank InnerTheir Tank: Interior Wall - No Liner - Rusted


Steel Core believes using bolts is far superior to using rivets. Rivets are cheap and unreliable, a cost cutting measure on an inferior product.

Steel Core uses 1.5 inch Grade-8 Galvanized Bolts with Cone Washers to grab and snug against any hole. We also use Grade-8 Galvanized Serrated Nuts for greater grab upon the G115 Steel Panels. All our bolt heads utilize "Allen" Drivers for greater grab & safety.

Other corrugated tank companies use rivets, and no they are not stainless steel rivets. Ask yourself if you want a tank using only rivets to hold together 2 to 3 sections of steel? Why not use bolts? Also the holes that those rivets go through also go directly though the walls of the tank, and have direct and constant contact with the water inside. There is only some epoxy and mastic on the other end of that hole. You can see by the picture below it is only matter of time before they leak.

SCT Bolted SteelSteel Core - Corrugated Bolted Steel Panels
Their Bolted SteelTheir Tank - Corrugated Riveted Panels Rusting


Steel Core Tanks quoted from National Storage Tank always include the following.

Materials – Appurtenances - Delivery – Engineering – Installation

Also, we do not want to issue change orders, ever. We want you to know the total cost upfront. Each tank is speifcially engineered for each job, nothing is ever "off the shelf".

The only thing we do not include is the foundation or slab due to seismic requirements varying from region to region. We can pour you a slab, or you can use your own contractors.

A note about slabs, changes in NFPA-22 state ALL Fire Protection Tanks over 4,000 MUST be on a Concrete Ring at the very least if not a slab. Click here to see all the new changes. Anyone trying to sell you a tank for fire suppression over 4,000 and telling you that you can use a gravel ring is being disingenuous and is ignorant of the law. At National Storage Tank we pride ourselves on knowing the laws & code that pertain to our industry and keeping abreast of any changes.

Other corrugated tank companies … well we encourage you to get a quote from them then ask them if that quote includes Materials, Appurtenances, Delivery, Engineering, & Installation.

Some other tank companies make their money with “CHANGE ORDERS”. Your quote is for the Tank only, then once you sign a binding agreement you realize they did not include Appurtenances or Engineering, nor Delivery and Installation… then come the change orders…. So, make sure when dealing with another corrugated tank company you ask these questions, and know ALL costs up front.


No Tank Company even comes close to Steel Core's belief in and adherence to Green Manufacturing Principles.

Steel Core Tank's Director of Develpment was invovled in industrial manufacturing for over a decade, and when he was asked to collborate with the tank installers-builders who founded the Steel Core brand, he saw an opportunity to create a truely "Green" and "Principled" form of manufacturing that benefited the enviornment, the company, but most of all the customer.

From Steel Core's use of a Minimum 50% Recycled Content in all their Steel, to their Zero Waste - At Source Recyling Program, Steel Core raisaes the bar on the industry. Steel Core did not stop there, they have a Comprehensive Powder-Coating Overspray Recovery and Recycling System and State Of The Art Ventilation at their facilites, Centralized Distribution to keep the carbonfoot print down along with Steel Core's Two-Way Logistics Program with their delivery trucks carrying dedicated loads of cargo on their return trips and delivering that cargo to points along the route back to the factory.

To read all about the dynamic and industry changing manufacturing practices and processes Steel Core has created click on the icon below and go to their "Green Manufacturing" home page:

Green Manufacturing

There are many more reasons why Steel Core Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks are superior to any other tank in the market. Made in the USA, Installed by Factory Trained Technicians, and able to meet Seismic & Wind Requirements in California and all other States.

We want to stress this point: Any quote you receive for National Storage Tank on a Steel Core Tank includes: Materials – Appurtenances - Delivery – Engineering – Construction. No one else in our industry that can claim that distinction.

So call us today 888-672-6995 and ask us about Steel Core Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks, or use Live Chat if you prefer. Afterhours? Email us by clicking here, we will answer in 12 to 24 hours on weekdays.

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