NuConSept Tanks are Roto-Molded, meaning they are a ONE PIECE Tank fabricated from polyethylene, corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility for septic on-site applications. Properly molded polyethylene can readily endure the stresses imposed by installation and burial loads. 

NuConSept Septic tanks are furnished preplumbed with inlet and outlet tees, gaskets, and manhole covers.

Parabolic design minimizes deformation by transferring load from the top to the sidewalls and bottom.

Rounded, aggressive rib design maximizes stiffness for long life. Shipped preplumbed with gasketed tees ready for installation with heavy-duty Schedule 40 PVC tee assemblies.

Double-compartment models, available in 1050, 1250 and 1500 gallon sizes, have structurally-engineered divider which is permanently fused to the tank wall.

North America water Spawn NWBOC Wbe Certified California Rural Water Association AIA ARCSA Member NFPA AWWA US Green Building Council Member