Meet the CEO

Nicole Oblad grew up in the Construction Industry, spending most of 2 decades there at her Dad’s side. “I was never a girly-girl as a kid. My hands were always dirty, and I loved operating all the machinery.” From digging ditches to pouring foundations, framing walls to fitting pipe, Nicole has had a hand in it all.

“Being from Nor-Cal It was just killing me to see what the drought was doing to the economy, especially the construction business already crushed by the downturn. I grew up on these Californian golden hillsides, and now it’s all brown and bone dry.”

When the opportunity to combine her interest in construction and conservation came around Nicole seized it and following in her father’s footsteps forged a brand new company, owned and operated almost entirely by women.

“It’s not something I thought about, I just did it. It was already my wheelhouse (construction) I just steered my ship in a little different direction. I have an amazing team of professional men and women who bring a great deal of knowledge and experience with them. We have a balanced “family” of professionals that I am proud to work with every day. Just like working with my Dad when I was a kid.”

But, she is not a kid anymore. Nicole Oblad is one of the biggest providers of Tanks in the Western United States. She is also dedicated to water conservation and environmental protection. She holds accreditations from ARCSA and is a member of the California Rural Water Association, and a member of the US Green Building Council.