There is a rising tide in architecture, a wave of architects who take into account the impact their buildings and its inhabitants have upon natural world. They are designing structures that are proactive by reusing resources they consume. Buildings that are reactive by means of harnessing the elements their outer skin encounters such as sunlight, wind, and rain.

Of those three rain is becoming more and more difficult to harness. Due to climate change and shifting weather patterns, rain has become a rarity in areas when it used to be a regular occurrence. The capture and reuse of rainwater, and additionally condensation generated from HVAC use, is paramount as water become more and more precious.

Dr. Roger Boulton – Jess S. Jackson LEED Certified Winery – UC Davis

When it comes to Sustainable Architecture & Green Design that involves Rainwater Harvesting, Grey Water Reuse, or HVAC Capture – National Storage Tank has the experience and variety to handle any project. We are members of the USGBC, and have been part of many large scale sustainable projects, and buildings constructed using LEED Guidelines to become certified LEED Projects.

We can provide you with a tank system that blends seamlessly into the landscape or background, but we also believe in “The Water Tank as an Architectural Feature”. National Storage Tank is the leader in utterly functional and esoterically beautiful water tank systems. Water tanks that can be public and forward facing examples of conservation efforts. On these pages a you will find examples of water tanks as architectural features.

We always welcome the opportunity to work with architects to create more forward thinking structures, and if they can be instructive as well, even better.