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  • How to Choose the Right Water Storage Tank for Your Needs

    Water is life; it's an important element for our survival, which is why we've developed effective water storage solutions over the centuries. Today, we have water tanks to store clean water in that we can then use for industrial or other purposes. Because of this, the water storage tank market is growing at an exponential rate. Everyone needs a water tank for whatever purpose. If you're one of them, you might be wondering which one is the best for you. Study the guide below and see how you ca

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  • 10 Common Types of Water Storage Tanks and How They're Used

    Have you ever wondered the best way to store water? If you have, you've come to the right place. Water storage may not be as simple as you think. There are specific types of tanks that are better for certain kinds of water. You especially don't want to store drinking water in containers that could make the water unsafe. So what types of water storage tanks are out there, and what are they used for? Here's information about ten of them. 1. Underground Fiberglass Tanks These underground tanks are

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  • Fast! Long lasting, reliable SteelCore Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks!

    Fast! Long lasting, reliable SteelCore Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks! Dust control, waste water, RO water, fire protection, potable water and so much more!! This dust control water tank was completed in CA and is highly useful for the company it services! This SteelCore Evolution 3704 is 112,000 gallons and is self anchoring. Save on your system and invest in your an SCT Evolution rank today! Cost effective and low maintenance! Call 888-672-6995

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  • California potable water tank!

    With hard access and very tight restrictions this installation was no match for the NST installation teams! With high seismic and small footprint this tank had extra anchoring and G140 roof for extra protection! All SteelCore tanks offer a G140 roof galvanization no matter what the size. Adding extra corrosion protection from weather and time! Site specifically engineered SteelCore tanks carry a long 20 year manufacture warranty! Contact us for your next project! We can help you save on your n

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  • Just completed in California!

    Just completed in California! 150,000 gallon municipal potable water! Beautifully constructed and masterfully manufactured! Contact National Storage Tank today for your next tank project.... whether municipal, waste water, food process water, irrigation or fire protection, Our tank experts will assist you through the process, guide you through the engineering, and submittal process, installation and more. We are your turnkey solution. Contact us at 888-672-6995. Or tanktalk@nationalstoragetank.c

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  • Arch Nexus Living Building Challenge Project

    Water Conservation and Sustainability are industriesNational Storage Tank, Inc. is very passionate about. This last year we worked with Architectural Nexus out of Sacramento, CA on their new office building for Living Building Challenge Certification. “The Living Building Challenge is a green building certification program and sustainable design framework”. In order to qualify, a building must be 100% self-sustainable and all materials used in building must be environment friendly; from th

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  • Architectural Feature and Functional Storage

    There is Hope!!!   Four SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks were recently completed in St. Helena CA as an architectural feature and functional storage vessel for multiple uses. Each tank has its own unique liner system depending on its use, from potable water to RO water to Fire Protection. Each liner system is designed to meet AWWA D130 and prefabricated and welded to fit each tank. Steel Flanges are used to support the liner seal and the water pressure requirements. Seismically anchor

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  • SteelCore® Galvanized Steel Tank Versatility

    SteelCore® Galvanized Steel tanks like this one are highly functional, long lasting tanks. They are aesthetically pleasing and can be integrated Architectully into any design to enhance or add to the desired look. Rain Catchment is a very common use for SteelCore® tanks in building designs. The galvanized corrugated exterior lends itself to a modern style which fits a variety of genres. They can be partially or fully wrapped in wood, stone or other products or have an exterior coating to ach

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  • 182,290 Gallon Bolted Steel Tank in South Carolina

    182,290 Flat Panel Factory Coated Bolted Steel tank in Langley SC was just completed by National Storage Tank. This will be used for fire protection. Engineered AWWA D103-09 and NFPA22 complaint. Factory Coated Bolted steel tanks are versitile and can be used for food waste, brine, potable water, irrigation and fire protection applications. Please reach out to our tank specialists for information, pricing and options for your liquid storage project at 888-672-6995 or 707-537-7433 or tanktalk@nat

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  • Specialty waste Water Storage Tank in Illinois

    This 15.38'D x 39.10'H Waste Water Storage Tank and 26.74'D x 15.05'H Secondary Containment with rain gaurd was just completed in Illinois by National Storage Tank. This site could only accomodate a small footprint, and required secondary containment. By working hand in hand with the site engineer and our structural engineers, manufacturing and design specialists, we came up with this compact design to allow for all required wastewater storage in a small footprint. To reduce most rain water from

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