4 SteelCore Waste Water tanks

A bit of dust never hurt anyone!! This Midwest, dusty site holds 4 SteelCore Waste Water Tanks! Water, waste water, process water These (3) 4305-LJR 191,000 Gallon, SteelCore Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks are used for processed waste water storage National Storage Tank has an innovative team of engineers and tank specialists to advise and support your next project [vc_single_image image=”12536″

Bolted Steel Fire Protection in CA

Bolted Steel Fire Protection in CA – This 65,000-gallon Bolted Steel fire protection tank is being built in Santa Barbara with our engineering and installation crews just wrapping up! The images provided offer an inside look at the quality that goes into each and every Storage Tank installation This tank is unique as a Flat panel Tank built with Jack’s and are designed to handle tight

230,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank

230,000 Gallon water storage tank with a 45PSF snow load structure This SteelCore Tank is definitely a “best in class” storage tank due to its quality construction, attention to detail installation, 10 to 20-yr warranties depending on the liner selected and these storage tanks can be engineered to ZONE 4 SEISMIC specifications National Storage Tank is the exclusive National Dealer of SteelCore tanks and carries a

Flat Panel Factory Coated Bolted Steel tank with new OSHA ladder

OSHA Approved Ladder on Flat Panel Bolted Steel Tank – National Storage Tank is one of the top providers of Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks in the US Our regulatory and engineering teams stay right on top of changes published from any of the agencies that govern installation and safety related features in the storage tank industry In November 2018 OSHA changed their requirements related to caged ladders

Shop Built SteelCore® Tanks. In stock and ready to ship

Shop Built SteelCore® Tanks National Storage Tank is pleased to announce our exploding shop built steel tank division These shop built tanks can be purchased in 2 of our most popular sizes and come ready to install With a large inventory available of tanks that can be used for multiple purposes including fire protection, potable water, small irrigation needs and available for either commercial or residential use Customizable

Flat Panel – Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks

Flat Panel- Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks are versitile, engineered and long lasting This tank was recently supplied and installed by National Storage Tank, Inc in the midwest We are equipped to assist you with written specs, pre submittals, and msds sheet to assist you with specifications for your project Engineered to last, site specific and used for fire protection, waste water, process waste, irrigation, domesic/municpal use and so

166,000 Gallon Fire Protection Tank in California

National Storage Tank the premier provider of corrugated bolted steel tanks in the US is pleased to highlight another new Fire Protection Tank successfully engineered and installed in California This SteelCore 166,759-gallon water storage tank will be used on the client’s property as extra protection against wildfires and other unexpected natural disasters The unique engineering of this tank required it be seismically anchored and including a side shell manway

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! We at National Storage Tank truly care about our clients Writing a review online, is one thing that helps tremendously in spreading the word about our company If you have not yet had the opportunity of working with us, please consider giving us a call We would love

Bolted Steel Tanks Perfect For Rural Farms and Communities

What a beauty! SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel tank is 43’D x 28’H Total capacity is 309,000 nominal gallons Challenging and durable This tank has all interior piping and heavy duty 45 mil liner system designed to elongate the lifespan of the tank The tank fits well in the rural farm like environment Powder coating is an option to those who would like that option Contact us for

Above Ground vs. Underground Water Storage Tanks: The Pros and Cons

Many homeowners are installing water storage tanks to promote rainwater harvesting and water conservation Underground water storage tanks are low profile Though, above-ground tanks make a statement This is just one of many reasons to install a water storage tank on your property Do you need to install a water storage tank? If so, you’ll need to choose either above-ground or underground water