166,000 Gallon Fire Protection Tank in California

National Storage Tank the premier provider of corrugated bolted steel tanks in the U.S. is pleased to highlight another new Fire Protection Tank successfully engineered and installed in California. This SteelCore 166,759-gallon water storage tank will be used on the client’s property as extra protection against wildfires and other unexpected natural disasters. The unique engineering of this tank required it to be seismically anchored and including a side shell manway. Although we are extremely busy with new requests from Cities, Counties, and States requiring massive amounts of capacity for water storage we are also responding to requests from industrial clients, mining and fracking, agriculture and growers as well as a large number of manufacturers requiring onsite expansion of their own water storage resources for fire protection as well as their own wastewater and non-potable water needs.

We are happy to assist with special engineering situations to just provide a second quote to make sure your needs are completely met with any new water storage tank installation. Contact Us

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