2020 has Redefined Our Lives

The year 2020 has redefined our lives, and indeed, our business’s lives forever. Stopping for a quick cup of coffee at a favorite eatery and enjoying the fresh air on their veranda is gone, replaced with a mask-wearing clerk and guests avoiding each other for fear of the unseen virus that has plagued us this year. NST has a large number of employees that we consider family in every way, we are most grateful for the good health we have enjoyed as we have strictly followed the recommended CDC guidelines not only in all of our buildings and production facilities but in all of our client and installation interaction as well.

We are saddened at the sheer number of families that have forever been changed by the passing of a loved one as ours has and the number of businesses we frequent that will never open again. Fortunately, National Storage Tank is an essential business providing water storage and infrastructure during this pandemic. We take on the responsibility of assisting as many we possibly can with their water storage needs and preparing more aggressively for whatever lies ahead. 2021 is nowhere and we have a collective hope that this year will be one of healing and rebuilding on every level.

National Storage Tank is pleased to be here to serve you with expanded hours and production facilities working hard to meet demand. Our hearts and minds are with our entire nation as we go through this unprecedented time. We are continuing to do our part as best we can provide pricing, engineering services, and construction nationwide!

As your custom water storage and liquid storage tank manufacture, supplier, and installer, we have hundreds of options for your system. With an incredible selection of custom welded steel, custom above and below ground fiberglass tanksglass fused bolted steel, cubicle fiberglass, and corrugated bolted steel tanks, we are here to serve you during this difficult time. Contact our tank specialist today!

Please stay safe, and this time of year, please do what you’re able for those less fortunate.

Nicole Oblad
CEO – National Storage Tank

Eileen Harlin
Vice President / Sales Manager

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