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AWWA Design Standards

AWWW Design Standards

MYTH!!! AWWA IS A CODE. NO! AWWA is a Design Standard. NOT a code. Did you know that only water storage tanks that need to meet AWWA design standards are the ones installed BEFORE a Public Water Meter? Did you know that it is common to use AWWA design standards for writing specifications for ANY Water Storage Tank, even if it is used AFTER a Public Water Meter? For any tank specified AFTER a Public Water Meter, the AWWA design standards DO NOT apply. Structural codes for Water Storage Tanks AFTER a Public Water Meter only need to meet the Local Building Codes and ASCE7-10 for structural loads such as winds and seismic. They DO NOT have to meet AWWA design standards. AWWA has design standards for public water systems for different types of tanks.

Corrugated Steel tanks such as SteelCore Corrugated Steel tanks are designed to all local building codes and ASCE7-10. The flexible membrane liners inside our SteelCore tanks are AWWA compliant and NSF61 certified for domestic water use. SteelCore Corrugated tanks are used all over the world for FIRE PROTECTION, IRRIGATION, DOMESTIC WATER, WASTE WATER, TEMP WATER TANKS and more. With Incredibly Economical Pricing, Long Warranties, and size up to 1,600,000 gallons, SteelCore will meet your project requirements.

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