Cracked! – Cement Tanks Versus Steel Tanks


Since the 1930’s concrete water tanks have been thought to be the best and least expensive option to store water in a variety of different capacities. Time has proven the wiser, and the condition many for these tanks are in after only a few years of being in service is disheartening, especially if you were the one paying for them.

Here in the Napa-Sonoma region of California typically a 12,500-gallon concrete water tank is the norm. These tanks can be seen everywhere, and if you have seen them then you know they leave a great deal to be desired. Historically it is a case of “Well this is what we have always used”. History though has not been kind to most of these tanks, and if you have seen them then you know what we mean.



Concrete Tanks crack, that is a given. Fissures appear very quickly and the tanks tend to weep. California, especially Napa & Sonoma Counties, are areas with heavy seismic activity. Concrete Tanks are easily damaged by such seismic events. When they crack, they must be drained and repaired with a foam forced into the cracks, but that foam is only foam and the repair is temporary at best.

Shop Welded Steel Tanks do not suffer the same fate, and in truth last much longer than concrete tanks. Being made of steel as opposed to, well rock, aggregate, and sand, they are infinitely more durable and long-lasting than any concrete tank.


Concrete tanks are like a gravestone, they are intended to remain in place forever. But, the needs of the business, agriculture, and private citizens change. The simple fact is that a concrete tank cannot be moved.

Shop Welded Steel Tanks can be moved with ease by a forklift, and they can be placed on a truck and taken to any location. They can also be fitted with welded in place lift rings for very easy lifting. Shop Welded Steel Tanks can be taken to a new location or moved for remodeling with ease should the need arise, and in time it always does


Concrete Tanks are never going to win any beauty contests. They are utilitarian and functional at best. Because of the way most are poured into a wooden frame the texture of the wood is left on the concrete, dimples, veins, and lines. These surface depressions quickly fill with mold and the tanks turn green. Grey concrete and with mold green accents are far from desirable.

Shop Welded Steel Tanks are smooth, save the welds, which can be ground down. Shop Welded Steel Tanks can be painted or stained any color you like so they blend into the surroundings or stand out to make a statement. They also lend themselves to signage be it vinyl or panel signs, even painted signs. These are all things that concrete tanks do not lend themselves to.

Interior Coating:

Concrete tanks do not have interior coatings. The water rests against the concrete, not a nice thought.

The interior of Shop Welded Steel Tanks can be coated with a variety of substances making them safer, potable even should you chose that kind of coating.


Typically a 12,500-gallon concrete tank will cost $11,000.

A Shop Welded Steel Tank runs about the same, depending upon the interior and exterior coatings and paint.

For the money Shop, Welded Steel Tanks are a far superior choice when compared to concrete tanks.

Cement Tank
Welded Steel Tank

In the end, a Shop Welded Steel Tank lasts longer, looks better, and is safer in terms of storage than any concrete tank, hands down.

National Storage Tank is a purveyor of the finest quality Shop Welded Steel Tanks on the West Coast. Custom tanks outside the scope of 12,500-gallon tanks are no problem, and we can build them up to 30,000 gallons and still have them delivered to your location.

So, if you are considering the old standard, think about raising the bar and going with a more dependable, better looking, and superior Shop Welded Steel Tank before the truck comes to pour you another grey-green slab of rock.

Call us and ask about our Shop Welded Steel Tanks today.

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