In the tranquil town of Penryn, California, nestled amidst picturesque landscapes and serene surroundings, there is now a colossal 411,000-gallon bolted steel water storage tank. This monumental installation, facilitated by the expertise of National Storage Tank, serves as a vital resource for fire protection, offering a formidable defense against the ever-present threat of wildfires in the region.

Steel Water Storage Tank in Penryn, California

The Fire Protection Imperative

California is no stranger to the devastating impact of wildfires. In response to this ongoing challenge, proactive measures have become essential, and large-capacity water storage tanks are at the forefront of fire protection strategies.

National Storage Tank: The Pioneers

National Storage Tank has established itself as a pioneering force in water storage solutions. With over 30 years of combined experience designing and engineering their award-winning tanks, they are committed to safety and quality. This Penryn endeavor is no exception, embodying their dedication to safeguarding families and communities.

The Tank's Massive Capacity

The heart of this remarkable fire protection system is the 411,000-gallon bolted steel water storage tank. Its massive capacity is not a mere feat of engineering; it represents peace of mind knowing that an extra level of protection is now available. In wildfire emergencies, the tank ensures that a substantial water source is readily available for firefighters to draw from, helping contain and extinguish blazes more effectively.

Strategic Location and Accessibility

The choice of the tank’s location was deliberate and strategic. Ensuring easy accessibility for firefighting teams was a priority. Situated in a central location on the homeowner’s property, it minimizes response times. It enhances the ability of our dedicated firefighters to access the water needed to protect homes, properties, and lives.

Installation Excellence

National Storage Tank’s installation process for this colossal tank was a testament to their proficiency. Their experienced team accounted for wind and seismic loads by installing top-to-bottom stiffeners to ensure additional support. Quality control measures were performed to guarantee the tank’s performance and longevity.