Flat Panel Factory Coated Bolted Steel tank with new OSHA ladder

OSHA Approved Ladder on Flat Panel Bolted Steel Tank – National Storage Tank is one of the top providers of Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks in the U.S. Our regulatory and engineering teams stay right on top of changes published from any of the agencies that govern installation and safety related features in the storage tank industry. In November 2018 OSHA changed their requirements related to caged ladders which are no longer OSHA approved or meet the new safety requirements. The new regulations require fall protection over 24′ in order to be OSHA approved

In the last 30 days, NST installed this high quality bolted steel tank and is a perfect example of a storage tank installation that includes all of the latest safety features now required and expected on any and all storage tank installations going forward. If you have a tank installation planned anytime soon please take the time necessary to ensure that your tank meets all of the latest required safety upgrades, if you are unsure our engineering professionals at National Storage Tank would be happy to take a look at your plans and can advise immediately if you are going to have issues getting the installed tank approved by inspectors.

Please contact our tank experts to discuss your next project. NST keeps up with the latest codes and requirements and can supply you with mulitple options to fit your project requirements while keeping in mind your budget. Call us anytime at 888-672-6995

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