Huge Cost Savings! Self Anchoring Steel Floor & Gravel Foundation

Steel Tanks

This 100,000-gallon tank was just installed in Napa, CA. By using our SteelCore Evolution tank line with a self-anchoring steel floor, we greatly reduced the overall cost of this project. Concrete foundations can cost upwards of $35,000 on a project of this size. You can cut your costs for the foundation by MORE THAN HALF with our solutions. Still not convinced? Here are some of the other great things these SteelCore tanks bring to the table:

Built to last

Just because these tanks are affordable does not mean they are shoddily made. In fact, these tanks are some of the sturdiest and most reliable tanks around. All of these tanks are made with G115 galvanized steel as a standard, which has on average a 27% greater zinc content than average. The greater zinc content protects from rust and corrosion, saving you from maintenance and repair costs. We also have tanks made with G140 Galvanized Steel for high salt or caustic areas. We take the quality of these tanks very seriously, and each tank is manufactured having quality control checks every 20th panel. But wait, there’s more! These tanks are designed to withstand almost any weather conditions. They can handle up to zone 4 seismic activity, winds of up to 140 mph, and snow loads of 50 pounds per square foot.

Great Selection of Liners

SteelCore offers 6 different types of liners including 20 mil. PE, 30 mil. PE, 40 mil. PE, 45 mil PP, XR3-PW, and XR5. SteelCore also utilizes a dual-lining system to protect the contents of the tank and ensure limited corrosion and rust. If you are not sure what liner is right for your tank, don’t worry. Our expert installers can work with you to find the right liner for your storage needs.


These tanks can fit practically any situation. They have been used in a variety of industries including fire protection, potable water, or even irrigation. The storage capacity is flexible, ranging from 700 to 650,000 gallons of storage. If you need, even more, some tanks can be created that can temporarily hold up to 2 million gallons of liquid.

These tanks are the best of the best, and you can’t go wrong getting one no matter where you are or what your storage needs are. If you would like to get a quote for one of these tanks or ask about any of your tank requirements, be sure to call us at 888-672-6995 or visit our website at

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