Just completed in California!

This 150,000-gallon municipal potable water was just completed in California! These bolted steel tanks are a great potable water solution for cities, businesses, and your home. Below are just a few of the benefits are bolted steel tanks can provide:

Masterful Construction- These tanks are designed for maximum durability to keep your water supply up and running. Our tanks are created with powder-coated steel panels bolted together, with custom rubber gaskets separating each panel. This means that our tanks will let nothing in and nothing out. No leaks, no contamination, no problem!

Versatile- Our tanks are a great potable water solution no matter the situation. These tanks are designed to hold anywhere from 150,000 to 5 million gallons of liquid. They meet all AWWA D103 and NFPA 22 standards, with a variety of roof styles, colors, add on options to make them the perfect solution for many commercial, industrial and municipal water projects. For example, if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions you can include a geodesic roof to protect your water supply from the elements. If you want to go outside of potable water storage, these tanks can even hold chemicals and petroleum products with the right interior liner. These tanks are perfect for any commercial, industrial, or municipal water projects.

Save Money- It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a tank for a city, business, or your own home: you want to save money. We know, which is why we ensure our tanks are the best investment you can make. Our tanks are generously priced, but the savings don’t stop there. The sturdy construction of a bolted steel tank means you don’t have to spend on costly repairs and maintenance. Doubly so because of the protection from the elements these tanks provide.

Interested in one of our tanks? Be sure to call us at 888-672-6995 for a quote or visit our website for more information.

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