National Storage Tank is proud to announce that we are now a Dealer-Representative for SteelCore Tanks.

SteelCore is a premier manufacturer of Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks ranging from 1000 to 650,000 gallons. These tanks are available in a wide variety of configurations and combinations of width and height to suit most any need. This kind of flexibility is not found with other manufacturers and allows us to better serve our customer’s needs.

The SteelCore brand was built from the ground up, beginning as installers those years of hands-on experience lead SteelCore to develop improvements to the kinds of materials, appurtenances, and liners. This vast pool of knowledge allowed them to create a better product with greater ease of assembly.

SteelCore Advantages

10 & 20 year warranties depending upon liner choice

The industry standard is G90 Galvanized Steel, SteeCore uses G115 Galvanized Steel as their standard, which on average has a 27% higher Zinc content for added protection and longevity, and can easily provide G140 Galvanized Steel for high salt or caustic environments.

All SteelCore liners are NSF-61 and meet AWWA standards, and are backed with a 10 to 20-year warranty based on the kind of liner you choose for your tanks.

The steel structure of our tanks can be engineered to ZONE 4 SEISMIC and a wind speed of 170 mph, with a Snow Load of 5Olbs per square foot.

SteelCore offers the largest selection of liners in the industry, coupled with the ability to powder coat the steel panels in a variety of colors.

SteelCore takes pride in the fact that all of their steel is sourced from Small Family Mills in the US, and all manufacturing in US-Based using skilled US Labor.

SteelCore Tanks are ideal for Fire Protection – Potable Water Storage – Irrigation/Agricultural Water – Rain & Storm Water – Mining & Fracking – Wastewater

Let’s focus a moment on why SteelCore is especially suited for use as Potable Water Storage, especially for small municipalities and residential associations, and Tribal Nations.


A secure and safe source of drinking water is paramount for the safety of any community or individual. It has been said that “water plant operators are the first line of defense against waterborne disease”, and at Steel Core, we believe that statement to be true. In fact, water quality used to be under the auspices of the Board of Health in many regions.Be you a homesteader in a very rural area or a water operator for a small community Steel Core has a tank that provides safe and affordable storage of your drinking water. All liners we provide are NSF-61 and meet AWWA standards, and are backed with a 10 to 2-year warranty based on the kind of liner you choose for your tanks. The steel structure of our tanks can be engineered to Seismic Zone 4 and a wind speed of 170mph.

Additionally, our tanks carry a “no-drain” warranty. This means that to keep within the parameters of the Steel Core warranty you do not have to drain your tank yearly. Across the water storage industry, the average warranty is 1 year, and you must drain your tank for inspection to maintain that warranty. As any municipality or city knows, dumping tens of thousands of gallons of water will get your agency on the front of your local newspaper in an unflattering light.

Steel Core offers a 10 year structural & 20-year liner warranty, and you do not have to drain your tank to maintain that warranty.
Also of note, at Steel Core, we regularly attend region rural and small community water conferences, and we understand your financial restraints and the grant application process. We do our utmost to maintain fair pricing while providing the finest quality tanks with unsurpassed warranties. When approaching a lender or governmental agency for fiscal assistance with a capital improvement project or insuring an asset all those factors make Steel Core an investment in the future of your community.

Steel Core is here to discuss solutions to your water problems, contact us and we will always take the time to “listen” to your needs and find a solution that is tailored to your problem.

This is why National Storage Tank is a SteelCore Dealer. The pride SteelCore takes in its product, the manufacturing methods they use to keep the consumer cost down, and the knowledge SteelCore has of the workings and requirements of small communities is second to none.

Contact us today and find out how SteelCore can provide a solution to your Potable Water Storage problems: