The Bear is Thirsty

It started in 2012, then in 2013, the drought began getting tighter around the collar in California… Governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency throughout the State of California due to “Severe Drought” conditions That was Jan 17th, 2014, and not much happened Then in April 25th, 2014 that the State of Emergency was

Dawn Of the Mega – Drought

Somewhere this weekend a switch was turned and a light went on across the world in regards to the omnipresent drought here on the West Coast of the United States Why would I say that? Well, dozens of articles began to appear beginning on Feb 12th into today (Feb 16th) with the terms “Megadrought” or “Mega-Drought”, or “Worst drought in a millennium”, or “Worse drought

Changes in NFPA 22 – California Fire Suppression Water Tank Requirements

With the drought continuing at historic levels throughout the Western United States fire is becoming an increasing danger In particular rural communities and structures are at risk On April 25th, 2014 California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order increasing the state’s ability to manage water and habitat “The driest months are still to come in California and extreme drought conditions will get worse,”


Recently while listening to the radio in the grip of one of our epic Bay Area commutes, (anyone who knows San Francisco Bay Area Traffic understands) I heard Doug Karpa from Turtle Island speaking on The Forum KQED 885 FM about Turtle Island and its SPAWN Program You can find out about SPAWN here: More details here You can

City of Healdsburg Officials fight to give away Reclaimed Wastewater to Farmers!

What began with some resistance a few months ago last February, in the Northern California city of Healdsburg, some 70 miles above San Francisco, has come fruition with a rush In July 2014 a bold idea developed by four Healdsburg officials; Mayor Jim Woods, Utility Director Terry Crowley, Wastewater Superintendent Ryan Kirchner, & City Engineer Brent Salmin came to life as the