Shop Built SteelCore® Tanks. In stock and ready to ship

National Storage Tank is pleased to announce our exploding SteelCore tank division. These shop built tanks can be purchased in 2 of our most popular sizes and come ready to install. We have a large inventory available of tanks that can be used for multiple purposes including fire protection, potable water, or irrigation. These tanks are available for either commercial or residential use. But you probably want to know why you should buy one of these tanks, right?

Here are 3 reasons

1. Great Storage Capacity

These tanks can be built to hold anywhere from 700 gallons to 650,000 gallons. We also offer tanks with temporary storage of up to a whopping 2,000,000 gallons. Our tanks can meet any of your storage needs.

2. Top Quality Construction

SteelCore tanks are made from G115 galvanized steel standard which has on average a 27% higher zinc content than the tanks of our competitors. This increased zinc content adds more rust and corrosion protection and increases the longevity of the tank. We can also easily provide G140 Galvanized Steel for particularly salty or environments with chemicals that could damage the tanks. These tanks are made with processes that create panels that are completely uniform. These tanks have perfectly consistent corrugation, curvatures, and divots on every piece. These tanks are also manufactured while having quality control checks every 20th panel.

3. Wide Array of Liners

SteelCore offers 6 different styles of liners including 20 mil. PE, 30 mil. PE, 40 mil. PE, 45 mil PP, XR3-PW, and XR5. SteelCore also utilizes a dual-lining system to protect the contents of the tank and ensure limited corrosion and rust.

4. Weather-Resistant

These tanks are tough and made to last. They are manufactured to withstand up to zone 4 seismic activity, winds of up to 140 mph, and snow loads that can get as high as 50 pounds per square foot. You won’t have to worry about these tanks getting damaged in storms or other natural disasters.

We are one of the premier SteelCore tank dealers in the country and can get you quotes that include the costs for materials, appurtenances, delivery, engineering, and construction. We won’t be surprising you with any change order fees! If you have any questions or would like to get a quote for one of our tanks feel free to contact us today.

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