This 15.38’D x 39.10’H wastewater storage tank and 26.74’D x 15.05’H secondary containment with a rain guard was just completed in Illinois by National Storage Tank. This site presented a couple of unique challenges by requiring both a secondary containment tank while also leaving as small of a footprint as possible. By working hand in hand with the site engineer and our structural engineers, manufacturing, and design specialists, we came up with this compact design to allow for all required wastewater storage in a small footprint. Our clients often have special circumstances that require creative solutions, and we are happy to provide them. Here are some of our other most popular tanks for those with certain restrictions:

Collapsible Folding Tanks – A lot of farmers need water tanks that are not only portable but can be moved by as few as 1 or 2 people. Collapsible folding tanks are perfect for this. These tanks can be transferred via ATV or truck and are easy enough to set up even if you are by yourself. The tank can also be emptied easily using our standard handles and sleeve pulls. Our new hinge protector (patent pending) also helps prevent your hands and fingers from getting pinched when folding up the tank. These are great if you need a portable water solution in a rural area.

Agricultural Water Storage Tanks – California has seen a huge growth in cannabis, hemp, and the medical marijuana industry. Hemp is a plant, which means you will obviously need water to grow it. Giant cannabis plants can be very water-reliant, needing as much as 10 gallons of water per day in warmer climates. If you are a cannabis farmer, you need continual and reliable access to water, and these tanks are specifically designed for that purpose. You can also check out some of our fire protection tanks, which store water that can be used to suppress fires (which has unfortunately become a common issue more recently).

The moral of the story is that we have worked with numerous clients, many of whom had particular circumstances and situations in their tank storage needs. We work with you to find a tank that can meet all of your needs, and no matter how strict your specifications are, we have a tank that will make the cut. If you want to inquire about any of our tanks or would like to get a quote, you can call us at 888-672-6995 or visit our website.