standpipe storage tank is one of many ground-level water storage tanks available. These tanks have a wide variety of customization options that can fit your varying needs. Read on to learn what standpipes are and how they can be useful to you and your business.

What is a standpipe tank?

As the name suggests, a standpipe tank is a large column (shaped like a vertical pipe) that can store water. The extra height of the standpipe tank allows it to use gravity in order to maintain proper water pressure. This allows the tank to properly feed the water reserves located within.

What Are the Benefits of a Standpipe Tank?

Standpipe tanks have a lot of benefits over more traditional storage tanks:

Highly customizable

Standpipe tanks are one of the most customizable storage tank configurations. You can choose the height of the tank based on seismic, diameter, and loading requirements.


The gravity-based pressure system removes the need for a pumping system. This can save you quite a bit of money and makes standpipes one of the most affordable storage tank options.

Strong and Sturdy

These tanks are typically made with factory coated epoxy and glass fused bolted steel. This means that these tanks are made to last and will not need to be replaced every few years like other lower quality tanks. These tanks are also practically impenetrable meaning there will be no leakage and damage is much less likely. Lastly, our bolted steel protects your water from thermal stratification, a problem common to standpipe tanks because the greater height leads to more sunlight hitting the tank and less volume inside to take in that heat. Overall our standpipe tanks are one of our most reliable designs.

The only downside to standpipe tanks is the great height can sometimes cause uneven water pressure if there isn’t enough water stored (or in some cases if too much water is stored). Otherwise, this is a great water storage option for many. Pictured below are some of the standpipe tanks just provided by National Storage Tank after being installed in Tennessee. If you are interested in learning more about our tanks or have any questions or concerns we would love to talk to you.