This tank trio was installed for irrigation and fire protection applications at a majestic winery overlooking Napa Valley. Aren’t they lucky! This project required aesthetically pleasing tanks that also had multiple functions. These tanks needed a higher freeboard due to the amount of seismic activity in California, but we also had to find a way to meet the dedicated water requirement without increasing the size of the tank. By using floor flanges for the fire fitting, we were able to reduce the water loss by 6″ to come up with the additional capacity needed for the dedicated gallon requirement caused by sloshing. Not only are our tanks the highest quality around, but our expert technicians also have the experience and knowledge to be able to handle any challenge thrown their way. Here are just a few ways we tackle some of the most common problems in the storage tank industry:

I’m storing hazardous materials, is there a way I can ensure they don’t leak into the environment?

Yep! Secondary containment tanks are a great (and sometimes required) addition to your storage tank.  They serve as a fail-safe containment system in case there is any leakage or other damage. When you store petroleum products or other chemicals a leak can endanger the surrounding ecosystem including plants, animals, and sometimes human life. Secondary containment systems prevent this, which is why many states require them if you are going to store hazardous materials.

I need to be on top of and walk from tank to tank, can you help with that?

In food processing plants, wineries, and breweries, employees commonly have to monitor tank machinery and mix materials in the tank. This is why having catwalks and mezzanines is so essential. However, these convenient accessories should not be taken lightly. They must meet all OSHA requirements to ensure your and your employees’ safety. We won’t just give you any old catwalks. We design and install them the right way.

Those are just two examples showing how we offer many solutions to your problems. Don’t believe us? Please read what our customers have to say and see what we’ve already done. If you are interested in getting a quote or want to inquire about some of our offerings, call us at 888-672-6995 or Click Here to email us.