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The Different Types of Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

Types of Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

Above ground water storage tanks are often a great option for those in the market for a water storage tank. They are often cheaper, easier to install, and are still just as durable and effective as underground tanks. But what are the different types of tanks that you can install above ground? What does each of these bring to the table that the others don’t? In this article, we are going to go over some of the most common types of above-ground water tanks and tell you everything you need to know to find a tank right for your needs.

Vertical Polyethylene (Plastic) Tanks

The vertical storage tank, like the name implies, is a tank that is shaped like a cylinder and stands vertically above ground.  These tanks are typically made of polyethylene material, and therefore can only be used to store water. These tanks can be used to store potable or non-potable water, can help with rainwater collection, or can be used to hold water for landscaping and irrigation. These tanks are often some of the more inexpensive water storage options available, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. Because vertical polyethylene tanks are so inexpensive to produce, there are often many sizes available which makes it easier to find a tank that will not take up a ton of space on your land (and their lightweight will make them easier to move too!).

Stainless Steel Tanks

A stainless steel storage tank is one of the most flexible storage tanks there are. They can be used to store water, fertilizer, dairy, wine, you name it. The reason is because the steel coating is resistant to corrosion meaning it will not be affected when storing chemicals like liquid fertilizers or sulfuric acid. These tanks are built to last and will not need constant repairs. Today stainless steel tanks are made to resist rust and algae growth as well, so your stainless steel tank should last you at least 50 years and keep your water clean throughout.

Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks

Above ground fiberglass tanks often are touted as some of the best tanks money can buy. They have strong foundations, are relatively lightweight, and are resistant to corrosion, rust, etc. Fiberglass itself has been shown to be even stronger than many metals and is also not magnetic nor conductive to electricity. In some cases, if you are storing potable water you may have to pay for a special resin coating the inside of the tank to protect the water. This type of tank may also not be best for tanks under 1000 gallons (in terms of price polyethylene tanks would be much cheaper and just as effective for that capacity).

Pillow Tanks

Pillow tanks (sometimes also referred to as water bladder tanks) are another form of above ground tanks that are often smaller than the average tank. As you can probably guess the tanks when filled will puff up and look like a pillow. The great thing about pillow tanks is their flexibility. They can be made of many different materials to store practically any liquid. Pillow tanks can be installed in any location whether outside, inside, or in hot or cold weather. They are also lightweight and incredibly easy to move (they usually only require one person to set up). They are often inexpensive, although they don’t necessarily hold as much liquid as other types of tanks.

Bolted Steel Tanks

A bolted steel tank is comprised of multiple steel panels that are bolted together by different gaskets to prevent any sort of leakage. They can be made of any type of steel (stainless, galvanized, corrugated, etc.) and can hold any type of liquid. They can be made to hold different amounts of liquid based on what you need. The one downside is that because once it is constructed and bolted at a specific location, it is very difficult to move. Since it is made of steel it is also very heavy and might require machinery in order to carry or transport the materials. These tanks are bolted shut and are incredibly durable, so as long as you won’t be moving the tank often (or at all) this could be a great choice for water storage or other liquid storage.

Our Tanks

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