Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Today, we are going to discuss stainless steel wine tanks and what you should know so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing tanks for your winery.

What are the benefits of stainless steel wine tanks?

What are the benefits of stainless steel wine tanks? There are several benefits, and they include:

  • They provide ideal chilling capabilities especially when using a system that uses a cooling jacket and/or is double-walled
  • Durability offering a long life reduces the cost of replacing barrels every few seasons
  • Imparts no noticeable flavor traits on the wine that you can have with wooden barrels or other tank systems
  • Larger volume than wooden barrels saving money in space and replacement barrels
  • Control the speed of oxidation of the wine that makes a cleaner, fresher wine for early drinking
  • Easy to clean

Purchasing stainless steel wine tanks

National Storage Tank serves the wine industry throughout the US and Canada. Based in California, we are the source of choice for our neighbors in Sonoma County for stainless steel wine tanks in various sizes.

You can purchase a steel tank from a 100-gallon size up to 650,000 gallons for all your winemaking needs. Our stainless steel fermentation tanks come in sizes up to 650,000 gallons with a flat or conical bottom, variable capacity, and floatable lid with a crane arm or rail system are also available. We recommend conical bottom tanks simply because you can rack the higher port and then more easily drain the bottom of the basin of all leftovers and sediments through the drain port on the bottom. However, it is your choice as to which type of tank you choose to use.

Adding steel tanks and steel fermentation tanks can save you money because they are durable and have low maintenance costs. We can design your whole system of stainless steel tanks for your winery with the various sizes that the National Storage Tanks offer.

Many vineyards think of plastic or wooden barrels when they hear water tanks, but stainless steel can be esthetically pleasing. Our tanks can be the focal point or receded in the background of your beautiful vineyard and winery. It is all up to you. Simply tell us what you need, how large the area is, how you would like it, and how we can build your tanks, complimenting your winery and vineyard.

We also have stainless steel tanks for your irrigation, wildfire, and waste for your vineyard. All containers can have various options; options like sample valve or cooling jacket, and a thermometer or thermowell. A thermowell is a stainless steel well that an electronic probe you can place in, to monitor the temperature inside the tank.

Call us at 866-970-6763 or write to us to get a quote. We are here to help you make your winery more efficient and cost-effective with durable equipment that reduces maintenance costs and is easy to clean. We can design your wine tanks, fermenter, wildfire, and irrigation tanks to fit your vision of your winery and vineyard.