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The quality of the beer is symbiotic with the quality of the water used in its brewing, but with a ratio of 3 to 7 barrels of water used to create 1 gallon of beer, a tremendous amount of wastewater is created as well. Wastewater storage and pre-treatment prior to discharge has become a pressing issue in the microbrewery and craft brewery world.

NST has traditional poly tanks for the storing of water at your brewery, and essentials in the process such as yeast, or short term storage of in place brew tank contents, or even for treatment prior to discharge into the municipal sewage system…

But, many breweries are “destinations” and they pride themselves on their appearance, cultivating a “look” or “feel”. Our Steel Core Corrugated Steel Tanks are extremely cost effective and very attractive alternatives to the old big green plastic tanks. With their various liner systems a variety of liquids can be stored.


Have a gander and see if a “BIG SILVER” isn’t better looking than the “Old Green”.

We are experienced providers to Northern California (Nor-Cal) Breweries. We love working with Craftsmen Brewers and being part of this great industry.

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