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About San Diego

As of the 2020 census, San Diego is home to 1,386,932 people. Situated on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and the border of Mexico San Diego is home to a variety of industries including the US military.

The military and defense contracts make up roughly 25% of the GRP. They also make up about 23% of the jobs in San Diego. There are Navy and Marine bases, and Coast Guard Station located in San Diego because of the deepwater harbor.

Other industries in San Diego County besides the military include the following:

Agriculture includes avocado, nursery crops, and vineyards as well as cannabis.

  • Hospitality
  • Breweries
  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture
  • Cannabis
  • Mining
  • Arts and culture
  • Tourism

When it comes to arts and culture San Diego is home to San Diego Museum of Art, Air & Space Museum, San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum, and the USS Midway. Then there is the San Diego Symphony and San Diego Opera for music. For theater productions, you can visit the Old Globe Theater and the La Jolla Playhouse.

You will find many micro-breweries in San Diego as well as other breweries.

San Diego County has several mines in the area a total of 1,992 claims and 410 mines listed as active.

Like many areas of California, San Diego has an issue with the homeless and high crime. And like many areas has need of water. With little rainfall and drought conditions San Diego County has had issues with wildfires as well. The last listed fire was in 2016.

San Diego County Water Needs

San Diego County like all of California needs fresh drinking water. Businesses in San Diego County are required by law to have fire prevention water storage too.

With a mild sunny climate and few rain days, San Diego County requires water for its agriculture too.

Municipalities will require water storage for drinking water, wastewater, and storm drain containment.

Industries that require water include:

  • Hospitality for drinking, cleaning, showering, and more
  • Breweries and Biotech will require water for several processes as will mining
  • Agriculture and Cannabis will require water for irrigation. And the municipalities for their landscaping and gardens

Anyone who wants fresh water during a natural disaster should have a water storage tank. Even residential homes in rural areas can benefit from a water storage tanks. They can be used for drinking water or irrigation for gardens.

Types of Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks come in various capacities and styles. Above and under-ground tank and with different liners depending on what the use of the tank will be.

Fire Prevention

Regardless of where you own a business in California the law requires you to have a fire prevention and suppression tank. The tank must be located on your property. Fire prevention tanks are a vital need in rural areas where wildfires break out more frequently. During wildfire season a fire prevention tank can reduce the risk to your property or business of total loss. When purchasing your fire prevention tank call your local fire department to find out what size connections their equipment needs. Then if they need to hook to your tank they can. These tanks collect rainwater to help reduce fire-related losses.

Corrugated Steel Bolted Tanks

The corrugated bolted steel tanks have been used for years in numerous businesses. The lining inside the tank makes it adaptable to many industries and products. The products this type of tank holds include:

  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Fire protection
  • Bio-solids
  • Sludge
  • Bulk and dry goods
  • Liquids for industrial manufacturing processes

Rain Harvesting Tanks

Rain harvesting tanks are often plastic but corrugated steel bolted tanks are also used. They come in a variety of capacities and configurations. Configurations that can be placed either above or below ground. The size ranges from 130 gallons up to 4,995 Gallons. Rain harvested water can be used for irrigation of public parks and landscaping.

Municipal Drinking Water Supply

It is vital that municipalities have a source of fresh drinking water. The tanks for the city water supply come in various sizes up to 5,000,000 gallons. They also need tanks for wastewater containment tanks. Wastewater must go to containment before treatment and after treatment. Corrugated steel bolted tanks with the proper liner or coating in them are an excellent choice for these types of containment tanks.


Breweries can use corrugated steel bolted tanks in a variety of processes. From agitation for fermenting, storing juices or water, and collection of the waste from those processes can use tanks. They can also be used to store dry goods such as sugar or other ingredients that are needed.There are many processes and industries that can benefit from corrugated steel bolted tanks.


The corrugated steel bolted tank can be used in agriculture for irrigation purposes. This includes the cannabis industry. With the proper lining they can also store fertilizers and other chemicals the industry may need.