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About Santa Cruz

As of the 2020 census, Santa Cruz has a population of roughly 63,000.

It is known for its redwood forests, unusual community lifestyles, and moderate climate. It also is a socially liberal-leaning area. Recently, it has had a high rate of property and violent crimes.

While Santa Cruz was once a place of the industry today it is expensive to live or operate a business there. Most of the big names of business has relocated or closed in Santa Cruz. Big businesses such as Texas Instruments, Wrigley’s, and Lipton were in Santa Cruz prior to the mid-1990’s.

Tech is a big industry in Santa Cruz drawing talent from across the country. Construction is another industry in Santa Cruz however, it has is mostly urban planning these days. Genomics is another field that has been big in Santa Cruz since about the mid-80s.

Being located near the coastal area one would think that water would not be an issue but Santa Cruz County like many other areas of California has to deal with droughts. Santa Cruz County is another area that has been hit by wildfire problems due to drought and poor forestry management.

Today, Santa Cruz has a homeless problem as well. In fact, it is one of the highest rates of homeless in the country. Due to poor management by local and state governments, mental illness, addiction, and high cost of living being the causes.  The socially liberal leanings can’t seem to get a hold on these issues.

Agriculture is still a predominant part of the economy of Santa Cruz. It is in fact, a 600 million dollar industry. This is because of the mild weather there are multiple growing seasons in Santa Cruz. The crops include strawberries, vegetables, nursery crops, apples, grapes, and other fruits. Grapes can be used for eating, juice, or even wine.

Why Santa Cruz needs storage tanks

There are several reasons that Santa Cruz would need a storage tank. Number one among those reasons is drinking water. Other reasons include:

  • Agriculture Irrigation, fertilizer storage, and other agricultural materials
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Storm drain holding
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Fire prevention and suppression
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Medical research healthcare fields

Those are just a few reasons why Santa Cruz would need water storage tanks.

What types of tanks

There are several types of tanks that can be used in Santa Cruz.

Bolted steel tanks

These bolted steel tanks have been used for numerous industries over many years. The coating used inside the tank makes it flexible to various industries and products. The products this type of tank holds include:
  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Fire protection
  • Bio-solids
  • Sludge
  • Bulk and dry goods
  • Liquids for industrial manufacturing processes
Agriculture for irrigation and livestock

Corrugated Steel Bolted tanks

Corrugated steel bolted tanks come in a various capacities and are used in many different industries including agriculture, manufacturing, and for fire prevention and suppression. They have different liners for different products, so you can store drinking water to chemicals in them without leaks or contamination.

Rain Harvesting Tanks

Rain harvesting tanks are often plastic but can also be bolted steel tanks. They are come in a variety of capacities that can be placed above or below ground. The size ranges from 130 gallons up to 4,995 Gallons. This water can be used as irrigation for municipal landscaping of parks and gardens.

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

The dependable and most stable storage tanks for business and residential storage of drinking water and other products. Either single or double-walled tanks can be used for the following:

  • Fermenting for winery or brewery
  • Wine
  • Juice
  • Water
  • Chemicals or fertilizers

Storage tanks can help your business with not only drinking water and fire suppression but with the many processes that you run.

Fire prevention

Where ever you live or own a business in California you are required by law to have a fire prevention and suppression tank. The tank must be located on your property. This is especially true of rural areas where wildfire break out more frequently. During wildfire season a fire prevention tank can reduce the risk of you suffering a total loss to your property. Just call your local fire department to find out what size connections their equipment needs before you have a tank installed. That way if the fire department needs to connect to your tank they can.

Municipal drinking water supply

It is vital that all municipalities have a source of fresh drinking water. The tanks for city water supply come in numerous sizes up to 5,000,000 gallons.

On top of safe drinking water, the city also needs a wastewater containment tank. Wastewater must go to containment before treatment and then again after treatment.