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Corrugated Bolted Steel

Steel Core Tank

  • From 600 to 650,000 gallons & Open Top Liquid Storage up to 2,000,000 gallons.
  • Up to 20 year liner warranty and 10 year structural warranty.
  • G115 Galvanized Steel standard, which on average has a 27% higher Zinc content for added protection and longevity, and can easily provide G140 Galvanized Steel for high salt or caustic environments.
  • Steel Core offers multiple different styles of liner as standard, 30 mil PVC, 45 mil RPP - XR3-PW - XR5 and more.
  • Steel Core tanks are engineered to meet IBC and ASCE requirements.
  • Design Criteria: Steel Core tanks can be designed for 185 mph wind and CA Seismic with Snow Load up to 6O# per square foot.
  • NFPA22 compliant for fire protection use. NSF61 for potable water storage. EPA approved liners available for some types of waste water storage.
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SteelCore Corrugated Steel Tanks are quoted in Nominal Gallon Capacity. The Usable Gallon Capacity is variable and is based on your site-specific information and use of tank.