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Greywater - Grey Water

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Greywater - Grey Water

Grey Water (Greywater) is water previously used in the processes of washing hands, showering & bathing, brushing teeth, generally any water that goes down the bathroom sink or bath-shower drain. Additionally water used in washing clothes is considered Grey Water, as is water from your kitchen sink.

Greywater is… grey. It contains elements of various shampoos, soap, grease, hair, food particulate, cleaning products, and thus it is not clear but opaque.

Greywater is a valuable resource in terms of irrigation, and can be easily collected, contained, and distributed using water tanks.

We mostly see Greywater being harvested on the household – private residence scale, but we have built some large scale systems as well. The harvest and use of Greywater keeps the user intimately familiar with the amount of water they use and provides a sense of satisfaction seeing the water harvested and reused rather than dumped into a septic tank or sewer.

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