The Perfect Water Storage Solution For Extreme Heat and Cold Conditions

Santa Rosa, California, November 30, 2021. For Immediate Release

National Storage Tank announced today the addition of a Bolted Fiberglass Tank to their extensive array of water storage tanks. They specialize in fire protection tanks, irrigation tanks, and tanks exclusively for municipalities to manage the city’s potable water needs.

Our Fiberglass Bolted Tank features a host of unique benefits that set it apart from virtually all other water storage tanks in the industry. It comes standard with a modular design that is entirely maintenance-free. The tank components are simple to install and ideal for any location where extreme heat or cold is normal. This tank is also AWWA D121 compliant with a high 200 MPH wind rating and can withstand 150 PSF snow loads.

Nicole Oblad, CEO of National Storage Tank, stated: “This engineering marvel which can hold up to 2.5 million gallons of water and expected to last for a century is the Mercedes of tanks and ideal for any installation where wind, heat, cold, or snow are factors to content with” she further stated, “Our unique manufacturing process and precise engineering make this the perfect solution for desert, mountain or even remote areas where the access to clean water is life for the region.”

Our teams can deploy this tank anywhere globally. This tank is ideal for Residential Projects, Urban Areas, Commercial facilities, Agriculture, Schools, Hospitals, Water Districts, Municipalities, Industrial Applications, Elevated Structures, Fire Protection, and more. Technical data, specifications, and certifications are available on request.

National Storage Tank Announces New Tank Line With a Stunning 100-year Life ExpectancyAbout National Storage Tank, Inc.

NST has a complete line of tank offerings, including Plastic Water Storage Tanks, Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks, Factory Coated, and Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tanks, Welded, and Fiberglass above and below ground, and everything in between. Nobody beats the NST warranty, manufacturing quality, or professional installation ability. Our reputation precedes us with extensive experience in the water storage tank business because the client ALWAYS comes first. Every water tank project is unique and requires careful attention to the client’s detailed requirements.

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