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Food Grade

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Water Storage Tanks and More for Wineries, Food Production, Fire Prevention, Agriculture and Chemical Industries

Food Grade - Breweries

Food Grade Production and Storage Tanks

Food Grade Processing Tanks – The term “Food Grade” refers to the materials used to manufacture the equipment need to prepare or process foods and beverages. There are many types of storage tanks that meet the “non-toxic and safe for consumption” requirements by all regulatory bodies. At National Storage Tank, we are pleased to offer a wide variety and complete array of storage tank options for the food and beverage industries.

Types of Food Processing and Beverage Tanks We Carry:

  • Wine Fermentation Tanks
  • Food Processing Tanks
  • Wine Storage Tanks – Round and Stackable
  • Dairy Production & Storage Tanks
  • Glass-Lined Tanks
  • PET & FRP Tanks
  • Wastewater Tanks
  • Mixing Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Cone & Dish Bottom Tanks
  • Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks
  • Jacketed Tanks

Specialists in Brewery Tanks

The quality of the beer is symbiotic with the quality of the water used in its brewing, but with a ratio of 3 to 7 barrels of water used to create 1 gallon of beer, a tremendous amount of wastewater is created as well. Wastewater storage and pre-treatment prior to discharge has become a pressing issue in the microbrewery and craft brewery world. Food grade processing tanks, wastewater tanks, mixing tanks and more should all be part of any successful operation.

But, many breweries are “destinations” and they pride themselves on their appearance, cultivating a “look” or “feel”. Our Steel Core Corrugated Steel Tanks or our welded stainless steel tanks are extremely cost effective and very attractive alternatives. We are experienced providers to Northern California (Nor-Cal) Breweries. We love working with Craftsmen Brewers and being part of this great industry.

Specialists in Brewery Tanks

  • Compliant with local & state codes and standards
  • Foundations are engineered for site specific location
  • Above and below ground options
  • CBC2016 & AWWA & NSF 61
  • Available in a wide range of capacities
  • Capacities up to 5,000,000 gallons

Food Grade Tanks

Architects & Engineers

We currently work with 100’s of professionals in the Fire Protection, Landscaping, Water Management, Commercial Facilities, and Risk Management industries to provide line drawings and specifications for their client’s projects. Our tanks are also approved and included in building plans for cities, counties, school districts, and municipalities. Let us know the information you need for the project plans you are working on.

Food Grade - Brewery Tanks We Carry

Food Grade Water Storage Tanks