Frac & Slurry Tanks

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Frac and Slurry Tanks – A frac tank is a steel tank usually with a large capacity and ability to store not only solids but liquids such as chemicals, petroleum-based products, manure, saline water, fertilizers, and more. These tanks can either be temporary or permanent and able to be easily moved with a simple disassembly and transported to wherever they are needed.

Frac Tank Manufacturing

  • Frac tanks, as well as slurry tanks, are manufactured corrugated galvanized G115 sheets.
  • Bolted together with vertical stiffeners and horizontal wind rings to maintain the shape when not in use.
  • Each application is engineered for each project’s specific use including wind speeds, seismic and snow loads.
  • 12 models available to choose from with storage options up to 69,000 barrels.
  • Liner clamps, textiles, and liner options available to fit any budget and application.
  • There are many roofing options including Geodesic Dome roofs, Aluminum flat covers, and aluminum floating covers are available for open large frac tanks.
  • Available in 5,000 barrel increments up to 69,000 barrels or 2.9 million gallons.
  • Diameters up to 192-feet, 2,3 & 4 rings tall or up to 17.5 feet.

Architects & Engineers – We currently work with 100’s of professionals in the Fire Protection, Landscaping, Water Management, Commercial Facilities, and Risk Management industries to provide line drawings and specifications for their client’s projects. Our tanks are also approved and included in building plans for cities, counties, school districts, and municipalities. Let us know the information you need for the project plans you are working on.

Frac and Slurry Tanks Brochure


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Frac and Slurry Tanks Sidebar Image
Frac and Slurry Tanks