The ability to hold potable water in reserve is essential for household, communities, and cities, on a daily basis and particularly after an emergency.

Consider this except from the CDC in regards to Safe Water Storage:
“After an emergency, such as a flood, hurricane, or earthquake, drinking water may not be available or safe to drink. As a result, residents may have to find a source of safe drinking water or know how to treat their water for use in certain activities, such as drinking, making ice, washing hands, and brushing teeth.”

Selecting the right type of tank is crucial in terms of the volume and length of storage you need.

100 – 10,000 Gallons
60 – 10,000 Gallons Poly – Plastic – Polyethylene
Poly – Plastic Storage Tanks rated NSF for Potable Water are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate outdoor, indoor & long-term storage. Affordable and easy to handle, these tanks are a fine choice for small needs associated with a rural home, farm, or business. Due to the dark color of the polyethylene used these tanks inhibit the growth of microorganisms by not allowing sunlight to penetrate the tank wall. For a comprehensive understanding of how microorganisms turn sunlight into fuel please visit the ASM’s excellent site:

Over 10,000 Gallon
600 – 50,000 Gallons: Fiberglass
Fiberglass tanks that meet the NSF 61 and AWWA standards for potable water storage are available in both above and below ground styles.

Because of their overall light weight they can be transported fairly easily and installed in remote areas where access to and the storage of potable water is critical as there are no water lines running in such areas. Below ground fiberglass tanks give the added benefit of being able to be place below the frost line keeping the water viable year round.

10,000 – 5,000,000 Gallons: Bolted & Welded Steel
Welded or Bolted Steel Potable Water Tanks are an extremely cost effective long term means of storing potable water. NSF – UL AWWA

Certified Tanks holding Potable Water for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial installations are fabricated and erected to exacting standards be they carbon welded steel or welded stainless steel.

These tanks are available with a wide variety of interior coatings, and powder coated exteriors.

Bolted and welded steel tanks are ideal due to their strength and ability to hold large volumes of water, additionally when space is paramount they are the perfect choice for situations needing a small footprint but maximum capacity. In these cases a silo style of stove pipe tank is utilized, a tank tall by many times as it is wide. Bolted tanks in particular lend themselves to this style of tank.

500 – 100,000 Gallons: Pillow Tanks
Wherever water is scarce and the region is difficult to get to, Pillow Tanks area excellent option to provide potable water storage. Pillow tanks are easy to get in and out of most regions and can be up to 80% less in cost than traditional storage tanks.

They can be delivered by truck or ATV, they can be air dropped. In a disaster situation they can be delivered by boat – plane – helicopter. Internationally many Pillow Tanks can fit into a 20′ or 40′ container.

Our tanks are constructed using 8128 FDA VINYL Background – 8128 FDA is a Polyester fabric-based membrane with PVC coating.  The PVC coating is Food and Drug Administration approved for contact with potable water. Each tank is custom made for each customer