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Water Storage Tanks and More for Wineries, Food Production, Fire Prevention, Agriculture and Chemical Industries

The ability to hold potable water in reserve is essential for any and all households, communities, cities and counties to use on an as-needed basis for daily needs but also and most importantly following an emergency, disaster or even a pandemic which we are now getting the full brunt of in the United States and abroad.

Consider this excerpt from the CDC in regards to Safe Water Storage:

“After an emergency, such as a flood, hurricane, or earthquake, drinking water may not be available or safe to drink. As a result, residents may have to find a source of safe drinking water or know how to treat their water for use in certain activities, such as drinking, making ice, washing hands, and brushing teeth.”

Selecting the Right kind and Size of Tank

Like any decision that truly matters, the selection of the correct size and type of potable water storage tank is crucial so when the need arises there are no surprises as you begin to use the reserves you have stored for your family and their daily needs. One important element of a quality water storage tank is the ability to keep the water clean and ready to use, this, for the most part, means there needs to be a liner or bladder keeping the water from ever touching the steel of that steel being coated with a material that will do the same thing like Stainless Steel or Glass-Lined Steel.

Here are a Few Kinds of Tanks that are Perfect for Storing Useable Water

These tanks are fabricated with powder-coated steel panels bolted together with custom rubber gaskets separating each panel, making them water-tight. These tanks are commonly referred to Carbon Bolted Steel Tanks or factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks and are ideally suited for storage increments of over 150,000 gallons and up to 5,000,000 gallons

Bolted Fiberglass Tanks

These FRP tanks are ideal for any large water storage need with benefits such as No corrosion, Non-Toxic, No coating needed, Mirror-smooth surface to prevent bacterial growth, Tank design life operation in excess of 40 years, with FRP Panel material with an anticipated end of life of 100+ years., No maintenance required outside of regular inspections, Leak-free by design, easily installed, easy to expand, The opaque gray color is designed to eliminate light entering the tank and preventing Algae growth, Fast and easy cleaning

Fusing glass to steel is rapidly becoming the premier technology in the tank industry today. This process which involves heating the steel to over 1500 degrees and then applying a coating of silica glass creates an enamel surface that never needs to be painted and is ideal for the storage of drinking water and the tank of choice for municipal and potable water tank storage.

Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks with an interior coating are ideal for long term storage for NSF 61 potable water & water for either irrigation or manufacturing. Our Stainless Steel Tanks can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and configurations to fit your particular needs. All tanks include site-specific engineering.

Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Our large selection of plastic water storage tanks and accessories has made us the largest provider in the Western U.S. and now we are expanding our footprint to include all of the U.S. We carry only the top manufacturers including Snyder Industries and Bushman Tanks. Our plastic water storage tanks are ideal for multiple applications from above ground storage of potable or non-potable water to landscaping and irrigation, Fire Protection or rainwater collection we have the perfect size for your family or small business.

These tanks are the Next Generation of Water Storage Tanks. They are innovative and long-lasting at a Lower Cost, with an unprecedented Warranty. These tanks are built to the same structural standards as other AWWA approved water storage tanks. Corrosion Resistant Panels, Heavy Flexible Membrane liners, built to ASCE7 but significantly less expensive and tremendous value.

Architects & Engineers

We currently work with 100’s of professionals in the Fire Protection, Landscaping, Water Management, Commercial Facilities, and Risk Management industries to provide line drawings and specifications for their client’s projects. Our tanks are also approved and included in building plans for cities, counties, school districts, and municipalities. Let us know the information you need for the project plans you are working on.

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