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National Storage Tank began in the Napa Valley, Our roots are in wine, and they are deep We served the needs of the Wine Industry in Napa & Sonoma Counties for years before we began to branch out into other industries. Behind all the prestige and panache involved in the Wine Industry there are two things we always keep in mind; Agriculture and Manufacturing. We never forget neither the farmers nor the vintners, and from field to press and have been facilitating both for a long time.

Water Irrigation is essential, water on demand for crops and frost prevention. Our tanks come in a wide variety of gallon capacities from 5,000 to 5 million, and can be fitted with outlets of any size for maximum water draw, anti-vortex systems are second nature to us as well. Your crop needs a consistent and reliable water source because grapes grow and the weather changes each of its own accord, and vineyards have to be ready at a moment’s notice. But, there is another thing to consider… Esthetics. Our Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks have been widely accepted across the Napa Valley as being complimentary to both the landscape and the visual identity of both the most luxurious and rustic of wineries.

Waste Wastewater & Chemicals require special handling for specific reasons. Until laws change, wastewater generated from the making of wine needs to be siphoned off, and either pumped into a leech field or pond or trucked off premises. Chemicals such as solvents for cleaning, liquid fertilizers, & pesticides for crops require extremely safe containment to prevent spillage or accidental exposure. For small tank wastewater needs we can provide economical Welded Steel Tanks that far surpass any cement tank for wastewater storage. For larger wastewater needs we can accommodate whatever amount of wastewater you produce. In terms of chemical containment we have our PolyCarbon Tanks that are welded carbon steel tanks with a heat fused interior layer of industrial polyethylene. This dual containment wall is superior to other tank options in terms of longevity and cost. We also have a wide range of welded and bolted tanks that have epoxy coated interiors, as well as Potable Water Tanks for underground storage.

Wildfire No one needs to tell any vineyard manager or winery owner that we are in the midst of a historic drought, dubbed a “Mega-Drought” by many scientists, and expected to last a decades. There is a distinct lack of water all throughout the Western and Southwestern United States, and tremendous possibility for fire.

Wildfire in rural areas, farmlands, and forests claim hundreds of thousands of acres every year. The Rim Fire in Stanislaus National Forest (California) alone claimed over 257,314 acres (400 square miles) while it raged from August 17th to October 24th 2013. The forecast for the 2015 Fire Season looks dire.

Protecting your vineyards and winery are paramount. On demand and easily accessible water dedicated to fire protection is an essential part of any vineyard management plan. As any vineyard manager or winemaker will tell you, every inch of soil is essential space in which to grow grapes. The idea of digging a massive leech field or retention pond is not economically feasible when that ground can be dedicated to grapes grown for wine. What is needed is a small footprint-high volume storage alternative, such as a water tank.

National Storage Tank is experienced in protecting the Napa Valley Wine Industry from fire. Our tanks can hold hundreds of thousands of gallons with a small footprint. From Sonoma to Napa you can see our tanks at the world’s most prestigious wineries, and some of the finest boutique labels. We can even provide you with a dual use tank for both fire protection and irrigation.

National Storage Tank also prides itself in being fully update and aware of any changes in NFPA-22 (the fire code governing the use of water tanks) recently there have been changes in NFPA-22 that anyone considering a water tank needs to be aware of.

A Word About Esthetics

So much of wine making is concerned with developing a taste, a brand, a look. Winery Design has become an architectural wonderland, and many tasting rooms rival the some of the finest restaurants. Thus, many vineyard managers and winery owners are reluctant when they hear the word “Water Tank” as the old standard hard plastic tank comes to mind. Having spent so many years creating an “atmosphere” at their wineries and in their vineyards, they do not want to put a Plastic Cup in the middle of a Limoges Table Setting.

This is what most people think of when they think of a water tank. Utilitarian and sturdy, these poly tanks are work-horses and though they have their place, it is not in the middle of a well appointed winery or lovingly tended fields.

At National Storage Tank we can provide you with a tank that will be of a complimentary nature to your structures and landscape. We can bring a tank forward and make it a focal point, of have it recede into the surrounding structure or landscape. It all depends on your needs.