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Water-Guzzling Pot Plants Draining Drought-Wracked California

California cannabis growers may be making millions, but their thirsty plants are sucking up a priceless resource: water. Now scientists say that if no action is taken in the drought-wracked state, the consequences for fisheries and wildlife will be dire.

"If this activity continues on the trajectory it's on, we're looking at potentially streams going dry, streams that harbor endangered fish species like salmon, steelhead".

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Be Prepared for Earthquakes!
Sunday morning the Sonoma County and Napa County areas were rocked with a 6.1 magnitude earthquake. National Storage Tank is located in Sonoma County and we have watched the destruction and damage in our own backyard. Our hearts go out to all those who were injured, lost homes and are dealing with damages. During the earthquake many fires started due to 60 gas line breaks. view more»
CorGal Tanks Helps Organic Grocers Achieve Green Goals
Across America, organic grocery stores are saturating the consumer marketplace, nationally and locally. These companies’ objectives are to sell natural and organic products, reach new customers, create eco-friendly buildings, and become an overall green company. To meet their green goals, CorGal Dealers in several states have worked with organic grocers to customize and build CorGal water storage tanks on site. The tanks collect rainwater from the buildings’ roofs for irrigating landscape. view more»
CorGal Corrugated Steel Water Tanks with Flat Roof 700-622,000 Gallons
National Storage Tank, Inc. is the leading CorGal tank provider on the West Coast. CorGal designs and manufactures water tank systems in 17 different diameters (6 feet to 72 feet) with capacities in excess of 600,000 gallons. CorGal high quality galvanized steel tanks receive the proven protection of G115 hot-dipped galvanized coating system. All CorGal tanks offered by NSTI use the most recent in liner and preliner technology and are considered the best in corrosion resistance. Made in the USA view more»
PolyCarbon Tanks are here!
PolyCarbon tanks provide you with outstanding protection beyond anything available on the market today. Your PolyCarbon tank will be welded to your specifications with all fittings and appurtenances to meet your spec. The tank will be placed in one of the world’s largest ovens, while it heats, turns and coats all interior surfaces of the tank in a durable polyethylene lining. view more»
Newsletter April 2014 – Three New Tax Credits for Business Owners in California
California is fighting to attract and keep businesses! As a California based business, we at National Storage Tank, Inc. would like to let tell you about three new tax credits for businesses here in our state. Manufactures who purchase our products may be eligible to receive the Manufactures Sales Tax Exemption. Manufactures Sales Tax Exemption. Does your company manufacture goods or perform research and development in the state of California? view more»
Newsletter March 2014 – Disaster Assistance for Farmers and Livestock Owners
A federal agency’s recent announcement that the California’s Central Valley will get zero percent water allocation this year was devastating for farmers already dealing with the worst drought seen in decades. One of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, the enormous valley is reeling after the driest year in more than a century. But last week, the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, which supplies water to a third of the irrigated farmland in California through a 500-mile network of canals and tunnel, said it won’t be able to deliver any of the water sought by farmers. view more»
County Proclaims Local Emergency Due to Drought
The Tulare County Board of Supervisors today unanimously proclaimed a local emergency due to the statewide drought, called for state legislators to place a water bond on a future ballot, and formed an ad hoc committee to address future water advocacy strategy. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Phil Cox said the proclamation of local emergency enables Tulare County to recover any future drought response costs and also makes the County eligible for any other drought-related assistance in the future. view more»
How California Water Agencies Are Responding to Record-Dry Conditions
Local water agencies across California are beginning to take action in the face of record-dry conditions in early 2014. Many water suppliers are calling on customers to step up conservation efforts, while some already have implemented mandatory restrictions on water use. view more»
Water Tanks Ensure Effective Collection and Storage of Water
Environment conservation is the need of humanity to secure a better future. Conserving waste water and excess rain water is the most significant step to keep the environment in control and ensure a steady supply of water during times of need. Different types of water tanks are available for the purpose of water storage. The tanks are used for personal and commercial purposes. Poly water tanks are increasingly becoming popular as the most economic and favorable water tank for collecting and storing waste water. The advantages in favor of poly tanks are many. They are economical, light in weight and their production time is less. view more»

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