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Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks

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Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks are the Next Generation of Water Storage Tanks. They are innovative and Long Lasting at a Lower Cost, with an unprecedented Warranty. Built to the same structural standards as other AWWA approved water storage tanks. Corrosion Resistant Panels, Heavy Flexible Membrane liners. Built to ASCE7.

Wall Panels:

Corrugated Bolted Steel tanks are made of Carbon Steel panels, Zinc Galvanized at different thicknesses.

G115 and G140 galvanization are most commonly used. Sheets range in gauges depending on the engineering calculation for a specific tank. This is based on the usable gallon requirement, project coordinates, and tank use/application. Structural engineering conforms to all calculations required by ASCE 7-10, which is the structural code written for all structures that hold water, regardless of the materials the water storage tank or structure is made of.

Each ring of Corrugated Bolted Steel tanks will be called out by engineering with the heavier gauge steel lower on the tank structure. ASCE 7-10 calls out the required wind, seismic, snow load & risk categories.

Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks are commonly installed on a concrete foundation. No steel floor is needed, as the concrete foundation becomes the floor of the tank. The tank walls are seismically anchored to the foundation as needed. Supports the Flexible Membrane NSF61 certified and Geotextile Pre-liner system.

Steel floors are only used in the case that the tank is engineered to be self-anchored and installed on a compacted granular/road base ring foundation.


Anchoring of a tank is required when installing on a concrete foundation, in any location for any use, unless the tank has a steel floor and is engineered self-anchored. Anchors meet ASCE7-10 and all AWWA requirements with the use of tall anchor saddles and A36 F1554 zinc or galvanized all thread anchor rods. Standard non-seismic anchors, Heavy Duty Seismic Anchors, Stiffener Plates and Fully Stiffened options are all available.

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Roof Structures:

Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks have multiple roof style options to suit many requirements, both structural and aesthetic. Roof types include 30 degrees V Rib, 10 Degree V Rib, Structured 30 degree V Rib, Structured 10 Degree J Rib, Flat Corrugated, and 30 Degree Flat Panel.

  • 30 Degree V Rib roof structures are the most common with higher snow load-bearing capacities.
  • 10 Degree V Rib roof structures are most common for aesthetic reasons.
  • 30 Degree Structured J Rib Roof structures are most common for wide diameters (55’ and wider).
  • 10 Degree Structured J Rib Roof structures are most common in tanks 37’D and wider or winds above 130 MPH.

Safety Appurtenances:

Partial Guardrails/ Full Guardrails/ OSHA Caged Exterior Ladder Systems, Anti Climb for Ladder Rungs and Cage, Deck Access Openings, Side Shell Manways, Catwalks, Roof Cap Walk Arounds, Frost Free Vents, Bridges and more are manufactured and used for safety as required on Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks.

Fittings and Appurtenances:

ANSI 150# Flanges, Victaulic Groove Steel Flanges, Stainless Steel Threaded Flanges, OSHA Caged Exterior Ladders, Interior Ladders, Site Gauges, Screened Vents, Frost Free Vents, immersion heaters, Temp Switches, etc.


Interior poly-iso insulation is installed inside the tank between the steel wall and a flexible membrane liner system. Elongated steel flanges are sized to fit the insulation. Immersion heaters can be installed as per NFPA22.


NSF-61 rated flexible membrane liner systems made from approved materials by AWWA D130 are available. Liners are welded to the dimensions of the tank prior to installation. In certain cases for very large tanks, some field welding is required. Liners meet AWWAD 130 and Manual M25 standards, written for flexible membrane liners and floating covers. Hypalon, Polypropylene, and PVC are standard approved NSF61 liner materials.

DetailsCapacityRoof StylePart - ModelDiameterPeak HeightWeight
70030º flat panelSCT-601-FP6.25.11776
1,00030º flat panelSCT-602-FP6.28.81994
1,50030º flat panelSCT-901-FP9.362001
2,00030º flat panelSCT-603-FP6.212.22113
3,00030º v ribSCT-1201-VR12.47.62188
3,00010º low v ribSCT-1201-LVR12.45.32188
3,50030º flat panelSCT-902-FP9.39.62188
3,50030º flat panelSCT-604-FP6.215.9
4,00030º flat panelSCT-605-FP6.219.32451
4,50030º v ribSCT-1501-VR15.582451
4,50010º low v ribSCT-1501-LVR15.55.62451
4,70430 Degree Flat PanelSCT-606-FP6.182619
5,00030º flat panelSCT-903-FP9.313.12376
6,00030º v ribSCT-1202-VR12.4112413
6,00010º low v ribSCT-1202-LVR12.48.92413
6,50030º v ribSCT-1801-VR18.68.12630
6,50010º low v ribSCT-1801-LVR18.65.12630
7,00030º flat panelSCT-904-FP9.316.72563
8,00030º flat panelSCT-905-FP9.320.22751
8,00030º v ribSCT-2101-VR21.79.92841
8,00010º low v ribSCT-2101-LVR21.76.12841
9,00030º v ribSCT-1203-VR12.414.72638
9,00010º low v ribSCT-1203-LVR12.412.42638
10,00030º v ribSCT-1502-VR15.511.62713
10,00010º low v ribSCT-1502-LVR15.59.12713
10,00030º flat panelSCT-906-FP9.323.82938
11,00030º v ribSCT-2401-VR24.910.83224
11,00010º low v ribSCT-2401-LVR24.96.43224
12,00030º v ribSCT-1204-VR12.418.12863
12,00010º low v ribSCT-1204-LVR12.415.12863
13,00030º v ribSCT-1802-VR18.612.52967
13,00010º low v ribSCT-1802-LVR18.69.42967
14,00030º v ribSCT-1503-VR15.515.12976
14,00010º low v ribSCT-1503-LVR15.512.72976
14,00030º v ribSCT-2701-VR27.111.73836
14,00010º low v ribSCT-2701-LVR27.16.73836
15,00030º v ribSCT-1205-VR12.421.73088
15,00010º low v ribSCT-1205-LVR12.419.53088
18,00030º v ribSCT-3001-VR30.1112.64194
18,00010º low v ribSCT-3001-LVR30.116.14194
18,50030º v ribSCT-2102-VR21.713.33235
18,50010º low v ribSCT-2102-LVR21.79.73235
19,00030º v ribSCT-1206-VR12.425.23578
19,00010º low v ribSCT-1206-LVR12.422.113578
19,50030º v ribSCT-1504-VR15.518.72847
19,50010º low v ribSCT-1504-LVR15.516.22847
20,00030º v ribSCT-1803-VR18.615.113305
20,00010º low v ribSCT-1803-LVR18.612.13305
21,00030º v ribSCT-3401-VR34.0313.44505
21,00010º low J ribSCT-3401-LJR34.037.24505
21,82810 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3401-LVR34.024505
25,00030º v ribSCT-2402-VR24.914.23674
25,00010º low v ribSCT-2402-LVR24.99.113674
25,00030º v ribSCT-1505-VR15.522.13305
25,00010º low v ribSCT-1505-LVR15.519.83305
25,99710 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3701-LVR37.124920
26,00030º v ribSCT-3701-VR37.114.34920
26,00010º low J ribSCT-3701-LJR37.17.54920
28,00030º v ribSCT-1804-VR18.619.63440
28,00010º low v ribSCT-1804-LVR18.616.53440
28,00030º v ribSCT-2103-VR21.716.13629
28,00010º low v ribSCT-2103-LVR21.713.23629
28,000FLAT ROOFSCT-1209-FR12.432.1
30,00030º v ribSCT-1506-VR15.525.83886
30,00010º low v ribSCT-1506-LVR15.523.23886
30,00030º v ribSCT-2702-VR27.115.14356
30,00010º low v ribSCT-2702-LVR27.110.24356
35,00030º v ribSCT-1805-VR18.6233995
35,00010º low v ribSCT-1805-LVR18.619.113995
35,00030º v ribSCT-4301-VR43.316.37162
35,00010º low J ribSCT-4301-LJR43.38.37162
35,35710 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4301-LVR43.37162
37,00010º low v ribSCT-2403-VR24.913.54124
37,03510 Degree Low V-RibSCT-2403-LVR24.744124
38,00030º v ribSCT-3002-VR30.11164834
38,00010º low v ribSCT-3002-LVR30.1110.54834
38,00030º v ribSCT-2104-VR21.720.44033
38,00010º low v ribSCT-2104-LVR21.716.84033
43,00030º v ribSCT-1806-VR18.626.64692
43,00010º low v ribSCT-1806-LVR18.623.64692
44,00030º J ribSCT-5501-JR55.818.617633
44,00010º low J ribSCT-5501-LJR55.88.117633
45,92310 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3402-LVR34.025397
46,00030º v ribSCT-3402-VR3416.115397
46,00030º v ribSCT-4901-VR49.6189566
46,00010º low J ribSCT-4901-LJR49.68.19566
46,00010º low J ribSCT-3402-LJR3410.85397
46,18110 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4901-LVR49.499566
47,00030º v ribSCT-2703-VR27.118.74876
47,00010º low v ribSCT-2703-LVR27.113.84876
48,00030º v ribSCT-2105-VR21.723.114835
48,00010º low v ribSCT-2105-LVR21.719.14835
50,00030º v ribSCT-2404-VR24.921.34735
50,00010º low v ribSCT-2404-LVR24.9174735
50,00030º J ribSCT-6101-JR61.120.4
50,00010º low J ribSCT-6101-LJR61.19.4
50,00030º v ribSCT-3702-VR37.117.96045
50,00010º low J ribSCT-3702-LJR37.1116045
54,65210 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3702-LVR37.126045
55,00030º v ribSCT-2106-VR21.727.55640
55,00010º low v ribSCT-2106-LVR21.723.95640
55,00030º v ribSCT-3003-VR30.1119.65474
55,00010º low v ribSCT-3003-LVR30.1113.115474
60,00030º v ribSCT-2405-VR24.924.15663
60,00010º low v ribSCT-2405-LVR24.920.65663
60,00030º v ribSCT-2704-VR27.122.25489
60,00010º low v ribSCT-2704-LVR27.117.35489
70,00030º v ribSCT-3403-VR3420.46290
70,00030º v ribSCT-4302-VR43.319.98467
70,00010º low J ribSCT-3403-LJR3414.26290
70,00010º low J ribSCT-4302-LJR43.311.18467
70,01810 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3403-LVR34.026290
74,38810 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4302-LVR43.38467
75,00030º v ribSCT-2406-VR24.928.46585
75,00010º low v ribSCT-2406-LVR24.9246585
75,00030º v ribSCT-3004-VR30.11236540
75,00010º low v ribSCT-3004-LVR30.1117.66540
75,00010º low J ribSCT-7401-LJR74.310.5
75,00030º J ribSCT-7401-JR74.323.11
80,00030º v ribSCT-2705-VR27.125.86533
80,00010º low v ribSCT-2705-LVR27.120.96533
80,00030º v ribSCT-3703-VR37.121.47170
80,00010º low J ribSCT-3703-LjR37.114.67170
83,32810 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3703-LVR37.127170
90,00030º v ribSCT-3404-VR3423.117313
90,00030º v ribSCT-2407-VR24.931.1
90,00010º low J ribSCT-3404-LJR3417.97313
94,11410 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3404-LVR34.027313
95,00030º v ribSCT-2706-VR27.129.27805
95,00010º low v ribSCT-2706-LVR27.123.117805
95,00030º v ribSCT-4902-VR49.621.510991
95,00010º low J ribSCT-5502-LJR55.812.410991
95,00030º v ribSCT-3005-VR30.1126.67694
95,00010º low v ribSCT-3005-lVR30.11217694
95,00030º J ribSCT-5502-JR55.822.110991
95,00010º low J ribSCT-4902-LJR49.612.410991
97,15910 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4902-LVR49.4910991
100,00030º v ribSCT-3704-VR37.124.118263
100,00030º v ribSCT-4303-VR43.323.49772
100,00030º v ribSCT-3006-VR30.1130.29111
100,00010º low v ribSCT-3006-LVR30.1124.69111
100,00030º v ribSCT-3405-VR3427.68847
100,00010º low J ribSCT-4303-LJR43.315.49772
100,00010º low J ribSCT-3704-LJR37.118.18263
100,00010º low J ribSCT-3405-LJR3421.38847
112,00310 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3704-LVR37.128263
113,41810 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4303-LVR43.39772
118,20910 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3405-LVR34.028847
130,00010º low J ribSCT-6102-LJR61.112.1
130,00030º J ribSCT-6102-JR61.123.1
130,00030º v ribSCT-3007-VR30.1133.7
130,00010º low v ribSCT-3007-LVR30.1128.1
140,00030º v ribSCT-3705-VR37.128.59951
140,00030º v ribSCT-3406-VR343110358
140,00010º low J ribSCT-3705-LJR37.121.19951
140,00010º low J ribSCT-3406-LJR3424.110358
140,67910 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3705-LVR37.129951
142,30410 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3406-LVR34.0210358
145,00030º v ribSCT-4903-VR49.62512416
145,00010º low J ribSCT-4903-LJR49.615.1112416
148,13810 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4903-LVR49.4912416
150,00030º v ribSCT-4304-VR43.326.111069
150,00010º low J ribSCT-4304-LJR43.318.1111069
152,44910 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4304-LVR43.311069
169,35410 Degree Low V-RibSCT-3706-LVR37.1211848
170,00010º low J ribSCT-5503-LJR55.815.112416
170,00030º v ribSCT-3706-VR37.131.1111848
170,00030º J ribSCT-5503-JR55.825.721954
170,00010º low J ribSCT-3407-LJR3428.4
170,00030º v ribSCT-3407-VR3434.7
170,00010º low J ribSCT-3706-LJR37.124.811848
180,00010º low J ribSCT-3408-LJR3431.1
180,00030º v ribSCT-3408-VR3438.1
190,00030º v ribSCT-4305-VR43.330.413026
190,00010º low J ribSCT-7402-LJR74.314
190,00030º J ribSCT-7402-JR74.327.5
190,00010º low J ribSCT-4305-LJR43.322.513026
190,00010º low J ribSCT-3707-LJR37.128.8
190,00030º v ribSCT-3707-VR37.135.6
191,47910 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4305-LVR43.313026
199,11710 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4904-LVR49.4914330
200,00030º v ribSCT-4904-VR49.628.614330
200,00010º low J ribSCT-4904-LJR49.619.514330
210,00010º low J ribSCT-6103-LJR61.116.5
210,00030º J ribSCT-6103-JR61.127.5
220,00030º v ribSCT-3708-VR37.139
220,00010º low J ribSCT-3708-LJR37.132.2
230,00010º low J ribSCT-5504-LJR55.819.524226
230,00030º v ribSCT-4306-VR43.333.1115237
230,00030º J ribSCT-5504-JR55.829.224226
230,00010º low J ribSCT-4306-LJR43.325.1115237
230,51010 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4306-LVR43.315237
250,00030º v ribSCT-4905-VR49.632.216518
250,00010º low J ribSCT-4905-LJR49.62316518
250,09510 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4905-LVR49.4916518
260,00010º low J ribSCT-4307-LJR43.329.6
260,00030º v ribSCT-4307-VR43.337.5
300,00010º low J ribSCT-5505-LJR55.822.1126734
300,00030º J ribSCT-6104-JR61.130.11
300,00010º low J ribSCT-6104-LJR61.119.11
300,00030º v ribSCT-4906-VR49.635.819062
300,00030º J ribSCT-5505-JR55.832.826734
300,00030º J ribSCT-7403-JR74.331
300,00010º low J ribSCT-7403-LJR74.317.6
300,00010º low J ribSCT-4906-LJR49.626.619062
300,00010º low J ribSCT-4308-LJR43.333
300,00030º v ribSCT-4308-VR43.341
300,00010º low J ribSCT-4309-LJR43.336.7
300,00010º low J ribSCT-4907-LJR49.630
300,00030º v ribSCT-4309-VR43.344.6
300,00030º v ribSCT-4907-VR49.639.3
301,07410 Degree Low V-RibSCT-4906-LVR49.4919062
350,00010º low J ribSCT-5506-LJR55.826.619062
350,00030º J ribSCT-5506-JR55.836.319062
350,00030º J ribSCT-6105-JR61.134.6
350,00010º low J ribSCT-6105-LJR61.123.6
390,00010º low J ribSCT-4908-LJR49.633.7
400,00030º J ribSCT-7404-JR74.334.6
400,00010º low J ribSCT-7404-LJR74.321
400,00030º v ribSCT-4908-VR49.642.9
400,00010º low J ribSCT-5507-LJR55.830
400,00010º low J ribSCT-4909-LJR49.637.1
450,00030º J ribSCT-6106-JR61.138
450,00010º low J ribSCT-6106-LJR61.127
450,00030º v ribSCT-4909-VR49.646.3
500,00030º J ribSCT-7405-JR74.338.1
500,00010º low J ribSCT-7405-LJR74.324.7
500,00010º low J ribSCT-4910-LJR49.640.8
500,00010º low J ribSCT-5508-LJR55.833.7
500,00030º v ribSCT-4910-VR49.649.1
500,00010º low J ribSCT-6107-LJR61.130.7
550,00010º low J ribSCT-5509-LJR55.837.1
600,00010º low J ribSCT-6108-LJR61.134.1
650,00030º J ribSCT-7406-JR74.341.7
650,00010º low J ribSCT-7406-LJR74.328.1
700,00010º low J ribSCT-6109-LJR61.137.7
750,00010º low J ribSCT-7407-LJR74.331.8
750,00010º low J ribSCT-6110-LJR61.141.2
900,00010º low J ribSCT-7408-LJR74.335.2
1,000,00010º low J ribSCT-7409-LJR74.338.9