Ponds have historically been an excellent way to store water, and across the drought stricken West there is a major water storage movement in agriculture involving gathering rainwater in large lined ponds and then pumping that captured water into tanks for storage and distribution. We can provide custom pond liners for small scale water storage and retention or very large scale operations which can encompass anything from small areas to many acres in size.

Pits or tanks are also widely used in industrial settings to store wastewater from the (drilling) of oil and gas in the exploration process. In hydraulic fracturing, there requires much fresh water to inject into the well and this is usually contained in an in-ground pit or large above ground tank. In addition, this water is then contaminated and needs to be stored in other pits or tanks prior to being treated. Indeed much as a painter lays down a drop cloth, we provide ground cover for oil & gas exploration sites to protect the environment from contact with any spillage during operations. These cloths (pad liners) can be driven over and can resist extremely low temperatures. We provide liners for fracking tanks as well as floating covers. In most energy exploration application there requires pad, pit, tank, or reservoir linings. This again, is for containment of fresh and produced waters, or to protect against minor spills from equipment on the drilling pad or mining location.

We can provide containment liners/systems in a variety of different products depending upon substance to be contained and cost effectiveness. We are proud purveyors of “Scrim” reinforced Polyethylene, polypropylene, and ethylene interpolymer alloy fabrics. These fabrics combine the strength of fabric and the containment ability of industrial grade polyethylene.

There commonly is need for secondary containment systems in the energy and agricultural industries. For instance, we can provide drive on, drive off secondary containment mats for industrial trucks or even planes that are used in crop dusting.

We provide some of the largest liners in the industry, with single panels of 150,000 in size (in a single piece) then welded – seamed together enabling very large liners to be created.

Agricultural Uses:

Water Reclamation – Rain Water Capture – Irrigation Pond, Lake, and Reservoir Liners – Livestock Lagoon Liners – Manure Lagoon Liners – Fish Farms Hatcheries Aquaculture – Hydroponics – Algae Mitigation – Aquaponics – Floating Covers – Covers/Temperature Control – Evaporation Control

Tank Liners:

Liners custom made for any style (Bolted – Welded – Concrete) Tanks
Liners for any substance from Potable Water to Waste Water to Chemicals
Liners custom made for any size and configuration of Tank.
Extend the life of failing Tank by using a Liner
Baffles & Curtains for Seismic Stability and Equalized Water Distribution within the Tank.

Oil & Gas:

Frac Pits – Drilling Site Pits & Pad Liners – Fire Retention Ponds – Oil Field Containment – Salt Disposal Pits – Above Ground Containment – Mining Containment Systems – Geomembrane Baffles & Turbidity Curtains – Secondary Containment.

Pond & Lake Liners:

Cable Wakeboard Lake & Water Ski Park – Golf Course Lakes & Golf Course Ponds – Water Features & Aquascapes – Irrigation Water Containment – Streams Canals Culverts – Dam Liners.

Commercial & Industrial Uses:

Water Retention Containment Liners – Storm Water Management (Retention and Detention systems) Cable Ski Parks – Commercial Water Features – Algae harvesting Support Ponds – Electrical Substation Vapor Barriers – Athletic Field Covers – Ground Covers – Greenhouse Liners (Covers) Fabrics.

If you don’t see the size you need - we will quote any tank up to 650,000 gallons

Water Storage Tanks and More for Wineries, Food Production, Fire Prevention, Agriculture and Chemical Industries