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Plastic Septic Tanks

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Septic tanks are designed to be an underground chambers or containers where domestic wastewater will flow for basic treatment. A septic tank system is also considered to be a simple onsite sewage facility ideal for rural areas where municipal treatment facilities are not available or are cost prohibitive. National Storage Tank carries the award-winning Snyder NexGen single and double-compartment septic tanks. With sizes from 750 up to 1500 gallons which are the ideal size for almost any residential application. The NexGen septic tanks are durable with a superior structural design, a one-piece tank without any seams to leak, and manufactured using a rotationally molded process.

NexGen D2 Double Compartment Tanks

BuyCapacityDiameterHeightLengthMFGProduct NumberPriceFOB
750605192Snyder43499OK, AR, WV
1,0006051127Snyder43517OK, GA, NE, AR, WV, UT, WA
1,2506051157Snyder43503OK, NE, AR, WV, UT, WA
1,5006051157Snyder43504OK, NE, AR, WV, UT, WA

NexGen D2 IAPMO Tanks

BuyCapacityDiameterHeightLengthMFGProduct NumberPriceFOB

NexGen D2 Single Compartment Tanks

BuyCapacityDiameterHeightLengthMFGProduct NumberPriceFOB
750605192Snyder43495CA, AR, WV
1,0006051127Snyder42405CA, NE, AR, WV, GA
1,2506051157Snyder43519CA, NE, AR, WV
1,5006951157Snyder43518CA, NE, AR, WV