FDA NSF Potable

FDA NSF Potable Tanks

Wherever water is scarce and the region is difficult to get to, Pillow Tanks area excellent option to provide potable water storage. Pillow tanks are easy to get in and out of most regions and can be up to 80% less in cost than traditional storage tanks.

They can be delivered by truck or ATV, they can be air dropped. In a disaster situation they can be delivered by boat – plane – helicopter. Internationally many Pillow Tanks can fit into a 20′ or 40′ container.

Our tanks are constructed using 8128 FDA VINYLBackground – 8128 FDA is a Polyester fabric-based membrane withPVC coating. The PVC coating is Food and Drug Administration approvedfor contact with potable water.

Fabric Warranty – The 8128 FDA Vinyl is offered with a 7 year limited warranty for weathering.

Manufacturing times can range 1-3 weeks depending upon the time of year. Rush service available.

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