Irrigation - Non Potable

Irrigation Non Potable

The needs and crop usage for Agricultural Water or Irrigation Water have changed over the years. There is a craft farming renaissance happening all across the United States, and farmers are working crops in all kinds of untraditional landscapes not typically serviced by roads.

Pillow Tanks are Mobile – Easily Transportable to the most Remote Regions such as Wooded Areas, Hillsides, and are useful assets in tight gravity feed Terraced Farming situations. Pillow Tanks can also hold Fertilizer for Agricultural Usage.

Pillow Tanks can be set up by a single person, and can be hauled in and out of remote locations using trucks, atv’s, three wheelers, horseback, or carried in some cases.

Custom tank colors such as Dark – Forest Green & Light Blue are available.

These tanks are also ideal for wastewater – greywater – field run-off

Manufacturing times can range 1-3 weeks depending upon the time of year. Rush service available.

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