Poly - Plastic - Polyethylene Tanks

Poly Plastic Tanks

Poly – Plastic Tanks are available for immediate purchase in our STORE now.

Poly or “Plastic” Tanks have been widely popular for small scale applications where 5000 gallons or less need to be stored at a given time. They of course can be chained together and used in unison. Their opaque finishes prohibits the penetration of sunlight halting algae bacteria growing via photosynthesis.

Poly (Plastic) Tanks offer Potable & Non Potable Water storage at an affordable price. They have been the workhorse for agriculture for many years, as well as the tank of preference by homeowners seeking to store water or harvest rainwater. They are easy to get in and out of remote – rural areas, and are easily transported and relatively low in weight given their size.

Homeowners should consider the “footprint” or circumference of a tank before making purchase, and are encouraged to visit our “Rainwater Harvesting 101” page prior to making a selection.

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Showing 1–12 of 55 results