Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Entrance Sign Vineyards Napa California

Wine Tanks fabricated from stainless steel have become the industry standard for many winery and vineyards in California, Oregon. Washington, New York, and Texas are some of the top producing states for wine. California produces approximately 85% of all US wine, with over 900,000,000 gallons produced annually which is a significant chunk of the market located in one geographical area.

With over 10,000 vineyards and wineries in the United States, National Storage Tank has a dedicated team of professional engineers, installers, wine tank specialists and even a couple of owners involved in servicing this most important industry and working with procurement departments to solve each and every tank storage need they may have. Our concierge-level service offered to this industry means priority treatment in regards to orders, installations, customer service, follow-up, maintenance, and service along with any special requests we get often from winery owners some 3rd and 4th generation winemakers.

Why Stainless Steel Wine Tanks?

Stainless steel has some unique properties that make it the preferred product amongst winemakers both large and small. Because of the high level of chromium, it is resistant to corrosion and therefore ideal for many specific winery applications. A few of the other properties that make stainless steel so desirable are durability and strength with an impressive high temp and low temp resistance, it is also long-lasting, a great value, long warranties, low maintenance and an amazing appearance that enhances the value of any vineyard operation.

  • Resists Corrosion
  • Extremely durable
  • Attractive and long-lasting appearance
  • Very Low-maintenance
  • Eco friendly and recyclable
  • Resistant to temperature extremes both high and low
  • Easy fabricated and customizable

Stackable Wine Tanks

One amazing addition to our wine product inventory is the stainless steel stackable wine storage tank, a unique tank that is becoming a huge hit with our winery clients and available either in a round or square configuration. These stackable tanks come in a variety of sizes including: 3′ x 3′, 4′ x 4′, 5′ x 3′ & 5′ x 4′

Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Our fabrication department is able to not only create custom tank applications engineered perfectly for various applications but we can produce large numbers of tanks that all have the most popular “in demand” features and functionality required by our winery and vineyard clients and available in sizes from 100 gallons to 650,000 gallons.

About Our National Storage Tank fabrication shop:

  • We build Square, Oval, and Round Man Ways
  • We manufacture Man Way Gaskets in sizes 18″ & 24″
  • We manufacture Wine Stands in Carbon & Stainless Steel
  • We manufacture Wine Mixing Tanks in sizes 116, 265 & 470 gallons
  • We manufacture Floating Lid Tanks in sizes 1,250 & 2,500 gallons
  • We Repair Carbon and Stainless Steel Tanks in the field, or in our Parlier Facility
  • We line Concrete Tanks with 304 Stainless Steel
  • Our Millwright Crews builds Aluminum Catwalks, moves tanks and repairs Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Tanks

Rectangular, Round and Oval Man Ways

Man Way Gaskets in sizes 18″, 24″ & 18″ full face

Wine Stands in Carbon & Stainless Steel