Underground Fiberglass

Underground Fiberglass Tank

Containment Solutions is the gold standard when it comes to Underground Fiberglass Tanks. Containment Solutions Tanks are designed to meet the demands of the water and wastewater infrastructure across a myriad of specs and applications in gallons capacities from 600 to 50,000.

Containment Solutions Underground Tanks are the perfect solution when the real estate is too valuable for a tank to occupy, or esthetically a tank is undesirable. Containment Solutions offers a 1 year standard warranty and up a 30 year warranty when using special resins.

Our tanks are made of non-corrosive fiberglass, one of the greenest materials around according to the EPA, and suitable for nearly any situation. Remember fiberglass won’t rust, corrode or degrade, so our tanks are the preferred choice for underground installations. They can be used to help meet several LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) categories and can contribute multiple credits to the LEED green building rating system credits.

Containment Solutions Underground Tanks are ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as Potable Water – Fire Protection – Wastewater – Storm Water but upon request we can quote Underground Fiberglass Storage Tanks to store Grease – Chemicals – Gasoline – Sludge – Petroleum Products as well as Seperators & Interceptors, Wet Wells & Manholes, Chemical & Washdown, and more.

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