Underground Fiberglass Tanks with Fire Protection

Underground Fiberglass Tank

Fire is an ever present threat, especially in rural and semi-rural environments away from municipal water sources, the 2015 Fire Season saw fire devastate the West Coast, and in our own backyard the Valley Fire hit Northern California hard in terms of loss of life and property.

Containment Solutions Underground Fiberglass Tanks are the industry standard when it comes to on-demand fire protection water from a secure and unobstructed source. Indeed, many hotels, wineries, resorts, and casinos opt for low to no profile water storage and an underground tank provided and unobstructed view of the natural surroundings.

Think of it? The footprint of a 50,000 above ground tank can be 24ft. high and up to 25ft wide. A Containment Solutions Underground Fiberglass Tank takes up no space at all… it’s underground.

Underground Tanks are also becoming popular as a result of increased city-county-state regulations and insurance industry requirements. Whether it is a sole source of water in rural areas or as a standby water reservoir to supplement a pressurized municipal water system, a Containment Systems Tank provides maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant water storage.

System design options utilizing fiberglass underground tanks are recognized in NFPA 22, Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection Systems, as well as NFPA 1142, Water Supplies for Suburban and Rural Fire Fighting.

Containment Solutions Fire Protection Tanks feature:
Corrosion-resistance – Fiberglass which is immune to rust.
Shop-Fabricated, Watertight Design – One Piece Design.
Custom-Design Flexibility – Fiberglass tanks offer project designers a wide-range of design flexibility and accessories to meet site specific needs, whether the tank is to be located aboveground or underground.

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