Storm Water - Grey Water

Underground Fiberglass Tank

We understand that Storm Water Management has become one of the most important water conservation items on the agenda of any urban planner and water agency. The utilization of storm water as a means to replenish the aquifer and reservoir systems has become paramount.

Yet in the city the problem is consistently, where do you place the tanks to hold storm water run-off when the real estate is so valuable in in such short demand? The answer is: Underground, in Containment Solutions Underground Fiberglass Tanks.

Containment Solutions Underground Fiberglass tanks also protect what is above ground by allow fast moving water to be captured. Once cement and concrete replace grass and open spaces there is no way for water to return to the soil. And when water begins to collect and it cannot go down, then the mass begins to move and velocity picks up. Directing that water into Containment Solutions Underground Tanks is the perfect way to collect, conserve, and to stop water based corrosion and damage to surface areas, which eventually lead to flooding and erosion.

Your Containment Solutions Underground Fiberglass Tank also protects fish, waterfowl, and all manner aquatic life dependent upon the health of streams, rivers, and lakes. How? : When inner city water is captured and contained within the city, that water does not run into streams and rivers carrying all the oils, tars, contaminants, and chemicals it collects of the asphalt and cement along the way.

Containment Solutions also provide tanks for Grey Water Systems so home owners, housing developments and commercial establishments can recycle water used in laundry as well as showers and sinks to be used for irrigation and other purposes.

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