Welded Galvanized Steel Water Tanks

Shop Built Galvanized Welded Steel Tanks A1 with a Complete coating include a 10-year Guarantee for Quality of Fabrication and Workmanship. National Storage Tanks, Inc. provides custom shop built metal storage tanks with capacities from 1,000 gallons to 25,000 gallons. All welded tanks purchased from National Storage Tank, Inc. include up to four free fittings and sizes up to 4″ inch NPT. We deliver statewide in California, and offer custom exterior painting with interior epoxy coating options to meet all applications. We serve the needs of our customers (Government, Commercial, Winery and Residential sales) from the time of inquiry to the final delivery and installation.

Shop Built Galvanized Tank Systems:
· G90 Hot dipped galvanizing with interior epoxy coating insures long tank life.
· Tanks designed to meet all drinking water standards.
· Off loading and tank staging services available.
· Cost effective custom fabrication to meet all tank needs.

Common Uses: Fire Suppression, Drinking Water, Rain Harvesting, Irrigation Water, Storm Water Control and More.
Common Fittings & Accessories: Inlet, Outlet, Overflow, Drain, Vent, Level Indicator, Exterior Ladder, Site Specific Engineering with Foundation Design.

Welded Steel Galvanized shop built tanks with interior Epoxy Coating system.
Made in the USA

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