Welded Steel

Dotting the landscape of any seaport you will usually see row after row of welded steel tanks providing storage capability for mining operations, power plants, chemical processing plants, municipal water storage, food processing and production, fire prevention and so much more. These steel tanks are usually installed on a secure cement base so the tank can be securely anchored. Our tanks use high-grade A-36 Carbon Steel which makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Municipal Potable Water Storage

A welded steel water tank is by far the most recognizable and well-known application of this durable and flexible water storage tank. Cities, Counties, Municipal Water Districts, and Co-ops all use this AWWA complaint tank for the storage of their city’s drinking water needs. As these tanks can also coated with varying colors they become a part of the landscape and often times a landmark.

Fire Protection Tanks

In California and many other states, the installation of a fire protection tank is required and a new business license is not issued until a fire prevention tank has been installed on the property. Our fire suppression tanks can be as low as 10,000 gallons and as high as 30,000 gallons. All our tanks are NFPA compliant and a lifesaver if the time ever comes that a tragedy requires an ample supply of water.

Chemical & Petroleum Tanks

In a society that the use of chemicals for everything from manufacturing to fertilizers to refineries is the norm a welded steel tank becomes the perfect al around solution because of the durability, naturally corrosion-resistant and also secure to not need to worry about a puncture or hole developing thus spilling toxic material and creating a hazmat event.

Power Plant Storage

The power plant of today is a sophisticated facility to process biomass, clean coal, nuclear, to create a power supply to support growing communities. Welded steel tanks are used for a variety of strategic purposes based on the production and power needs of the communities being supported.

National Storage Tank Fabrication

Our Welded Steel Tanks are available with a wide variety of interior coatings. We also have coatings for Potable Water, Wastewater, Fuel, and more. We also offer a wide selection of exterior coatings in a many colors & finishes. Various shapes and configurations are available to suit any environment and location: for instance, single or double walled and flat bottom or coned bottom carbon steel tanks.

Welded Steel Tanks