Galvanized Welded Steel Tanks

Galvanized Welded Steel Tanks

With a Complete coating including a 10-year Guarantee for Quality of Fabrication and Workmanship. National Storage Tanks, Inc. provides custom shop-built metal storage tanks that can be fabricated in sizes from as low as 1,000 gallons to 30,000 gallons. All of our galvanized welded tanks can be purchased from NST including up to four free fittings and sizes up to 4″ inch NPT. We deliver statewide in California and offer custom exterior painting with interior epoxy coating options to meet all applications. We serve the needs of our customers (Government, Commercial, Winery, and Residential sales) from the time of inquiry to the final delivery and installation.

Shop Built Galvanized Tank Systems

With one of the best fabrication facilities on the West Coast, we are uniquely qualified to deliver these amazing tanks quickly and in perfect condition ready to be installed anywhere in the United States. Some of the benefits:

  • G90 galvanization process hot-dipped including interior epoxy coating.
  • Tanks are designed to meet all drinking water standards.
  • Offloading and tank staging services are available.
  • Cost-effective custom fabrication to meet all tank needs.
  • Available in either 10 or 12-gauge steel
  • Built to NFPA or AWWA standards as needed
  • The long life expectancy of 20 years
  • Extreme temperatures won’t impact the tank
  • Customizable to place fittings or ports wherever they are needed

Galvanized Welded Steel Tanks

Galvanized Welded Steel Tanks

Common Uses: Irrigation Water, Fire Suppression, Storm Water Management, Drinking Water, Rain Harvesting, and More.

Common Fittings & Accessories: Inlet, Outlet, Overflow, Drain, Vent, Level Indicator, Exterior Ladder, Site Specific Engineering with Foundation Design.

Architects & Engineers

We currently work with 100’s of professionals in the Fire Protection, Landscaping, Water Management, Commercial Facilities, and Risk Management industries to provide line drawings and specifications for their client’s projects. Our tanks are also approved and included in building plans for cities, counties, school districts, and municipalities. Let us know the information you need for the project plans you are working on.

If you don’t see the size you need - we will quote any tank up to 650,000 gallons

Water Storage Tanks and More for Wineries, Food Production, Fire Prevention, Agriculture and Chemical Industries