335 Gallon Industrial Chemical Injection Tank System, XLPE


  • Agricultural Tanks
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverage
  • Landscape/Irrigation
  • Many more


  • Chemical injection is an integral component of any pipeline integrity program. The petroleum, oil & gas, and water treatment industries require a variety of chemical treatments to control various undesirable contaminants and prevent asset degradation. With a variety of chemicals comes a variety of challenges to store and dispense the chemicals. The chemical tank needs to be constructed of materials compatible with the chemical and sized adequately to minimize refilling. Snyder offers a variety of tank sizes along with a variety of tank materials to ensure you have the right tank for each application.
  • High-Density Linear Polyethylene (HDLPE) and Crosslink Polyethylene (XLPE) material options available for the horizontal leg tank. Stainless Steel Tank Systems are also available.
  • Corrosion Resistant Polyethylene stands provide easy access to the bottom tank connection and have molded-in metal inserts for the optional banding and pump mounting.
  • Containment basins constructed of HDLPE (Black Color) and provide 110% containment of tank include a molded-in pump mount bracket.
  • Horizontal tanks are designed to a 1.9 specific gravity.
  • All materials are UV stabilized for long-term outdoor service.
  • Tailored tank solutions for challenging chemical injection applications: hydrate inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors/scavenger products, surfactants/cleaning/wetting products, foamers, specialty chemicals, paraffin inhibitors, defoamers/antifoams, scale control chemicals, water clarifiers, and more.

Installation and Usage Guidelines

  • CHEMICAL - Buyer, and user, if different, are solely responsible for making product selection and assuring chemical to be stored is suitable for the use of the product in the application.
  • CAPACITY - It is recommended that tanks only be filled to their rated capacity, not brimful capacity.
  • TEMPERATURE - Prevent excessive heat near or inside the tank. Standard polyethylene tanks are designed for a maximum continuous the temperature of 100°F / 37.7°C.
  • PRESSURE - Tanks are not pressure vessels and are designed for atmospheric pressure only.
  • VENTING - Venting equipment should be sized to limit pressure or vacuum in the tank to a maximum of ½" water column (0.018 psi.) Additional precautions may be required if the tank will be filled pneumatically (using air pressure). Failure to provide proper venting will void your warranty.
  • INSTALLATION - Do not rigidly pipe tanks. Flexible connections are required at fitting connections to maintain the warranty. Consult Snyder's Guidelines for Use and Installation prior to receiving and installing tanks.
  • Industrial (ASTM D1998-15) Available
  • FDA and NSF/ANSI61 Standards
  • All Materials UV Stabilized
  • HDLPE Black & Natural White

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335 Gallon Industrial Chemical Injection Tank System, XLPE systems have an XLPE tank and HDLPE containment basin and stand included. Dimensions 54X85X89 made of High-Density linear polyethylene (HDLPE) meeting both FDA and NSF/ANSI 61 standards. Available in both black and natural white. Our tanks are the finest Industrial Tanks in the industry.
Line Drawing With All Standard Features Include: 335 Gallon Chemical Injection Tank

Capacity335 Gallons
Weight338 lbs
MaterialHigh-Density Linear Polyethylene (HDLPE)
ColorNatural White or Black
FittingsSee Line Drawing
Design StandardIndustrial (ASTM D1998-15) & Commercial
Tie Down LugsNo
Specific Gravity1.9
ManufactureSnyder Industrial
CertificationsFDA 177.1520 & NSF/ANSI-61
Chemical Resistance Recommendation ChartChart

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