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5,000 Gallon Welded Steel Water Storage Tank – Complete Coating, Diameter: 10 Feet, 4 Inches

Get a reliable, safe, and compliant water storage solution with our 5,000-gallon welded steel tank, tailored to your requirements.


Key Specifications

  • Capacity: 5,000 Gallons
  • Material: High-Quality Welded Steel
  • Diameter: 10 Feet, 4 Inches
  • Overall/Peak Height: 9 Feet, 6 Inches
  • Tank Gauge: 12

Coating and Compliance:

  • Interior Coating: NSF 61 Approved Interior Epoxy Coating, ensuring safe and potable water storage.
  • Exterior Coating: Custom Color option available, providing a personalized and aesthetic appeal while protecting against external elements.

Design and Features:

  • This tank is expertly crafted using shop-built welded steel, offering robust durability and longevity.
  • The design ensures optimal storage capacity while maintaining a compact footprint suitable for various installation environments.

Included Items:

  • The tank has up to 4-4″ Threaded Fittings, providing versatile connection options for different plumbing requirements.


A generous 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty is included, ensuring peace of mind and reliability in your investment.

Ideal Uses:

  • Perfect for industrial, commercial, and residential water storage needs.
  • Suitable for applications ranging from agricultural water storage to emergency water supply in various settings.


  • Customization options are available for specific requirements, ensuring the tank meets your needs.

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