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Collapsible - Folding Tanks

Collapsible - Folding Tanks

FOL-DA-TANK folding frame portable water tanks are designed for rural areas where water is difficult to supply. 

These folding tanks have been embraced by the Craft Farming Community as the tank of choice when it comes to low cost portable water solutions. These tanks can be taken into remote areas via Truck or ATV set up and utilized within minutes.

A 3000 gallon Fol-Da-Tank is 13 feet long and 8 inches wide when closed.
Open: 13’3" x 13’3" x 29" (13 ft. x 13 ft. Wide – 29 in. High)
Closed: 13’3" x 8" x 29" (13ft. Long – 29 in. High – 8 in. Wide)
Weight: 135 Pounds

A 3000 tank can easily be handled and set up by a single person, and it can also be emptied with easy and folding away quickly using our standard handles and sleeve pulls. New Hinge Protector (patent pending) helps prevent pinching of hands and fingers when folding the tank.  The hinge protectors are a standard feature on all folding framed tanks. There is a lifetime warranty on all heat sealed seams and metal welds. 

Originally developed for “Water Shuttling” a process of keeping the Main Fire Engine Supplied with water, a Tanker Truck deploys the Fol-Da-Tank at the scene of a fire, next to the main engine. The Tanker then empties its load of water into the tank for the main engine to use and immediately leaves the scene to fill Fol-Da-Tank with water again.  lifetime warranty on all heat sealed seams and metal welds. 

STOCK ON HAND IN THE 2100 & 3000 Gallons Sizes.


    Construction Features

  • New rugged HPR® High Performance Rubber (replaced hypalon), 22 oz. or 30 oz. Vinyl and 23 oz. Urethane liners
  • Solid brass grommets
  • Closely spaced grommets to prevent the liner from sagging
  • Hinge protectors pinch free design (Canadian patent #2624553, U.S. patent #7,938,291 )
  • Liner pick up grab handles (NEW & IMPROVED)

Liner Fabrics

  • 17 oz. HPR® High Performance Rubber - Red or Yellow
  • 22 oz. HPR® High Performance Rubber - Red or Yellow
  • 22 oz. Vinyl - Red, Yellow, Blue or Orange
  • 30 oz. Vinyl - Red, Yellow, Black or Orange
  • 23 oz. Urethane

Aluminum Frames

  • 1" square tube, 1/8" wall structural aluminum with snag free finish - Aluminum square tube is 26% lighter than steel
  • 1" square tube with radius corners
  • 1" schedule 40 aluminum round tube frame
  • Die cut aluminum sheet plate hinges
  • NEW 1" H2² aluminum with radius sides