Great Things Can Come in Small Packages

This is an NSF 61 certified utility potable water tank servicing 20 homes in California This 1804-VR SteelCore Corrugated Bolted Steel Tank holds up to 28,000 gallons As one of the premier SteelCore tank dealers in the country, we’ve seen how great they can be for a variety of domestic, municipal, and commercials situations Below are just

Huge Cost Savings! Self Anchoring Steel Floor & Gravel Foundation

This 100,000-gallon tank was just installed in Napa, CA By using our SteelCore Evolution tank line with a self-anchoring steel floor, we greatly reduced the overall cost of this project Concrete foundations can cost upwards of $35,000 on a project this size You can cut your costs for the foundation by MORE THAN HALF with our solutions Still not convinced? Here are some

AWWA Design Standards

MYTH!!! AWWA IS A CODE NO! AWWA is a Design Standard NOT a code Did you know that only water storage tanks that need to meet AWWA design standards are the ones installed BEFORE a Public Water Meter? Did you know that it is common to use AWWA design standards for writing specifications for ANY Water Storage

Persistence Pays Off: ENSP student Ashleen Rai launches SSU’s first rainwater capture system

Persistence Pays Off: ENSP student Ashleen Rai launches SSU’s first rainwater capture system by Dr Karna Wong, ENSP Visiting Assistant Professor After two years, a dozen meetings with Sonoma State University Facilities Management, and failed attempts get grant funding, Ashleen Rai’s vision for a more sustainable campus through water conservation has been realized In April 2017, Sonoma State University (SSU) Facilities Management and the Campus Planning

National Storage Tank Donates Tank to Daily Acts

National Storage Tank is one of the largest tank suppliers in the Western United States As a company, we are passionate about water conservation and likewise passionate in supporting organizations that share our desire to find solutions to an ever-increasing need We have found one of these amazing organizations right here in California National Storage Tank is pleased to support Daily Acts a non-profit organization whose mission is to

National Storage Tank Becomes West Coast – Steel Core Tank Dealer

National Storage Tank is proud to announce that we are now a Dealer-Representative for SteelCore Tanks SteelCore is a premier manufacturer of Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks ranging from 1000 to 650,000 gallons These tanks are available in a wide variety of configurations and combinations of width and height to suit most any need This kind of flexibility is

National Storage Tank CEO Envisions Wine Industry “Hub of Suppliers” for Sonoma County

https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=bC0NxonCvhQ When most people enthuse about a passion for wine, images of sparkling beverages in a glass or acres of vineyards covering a rolling hillside come to mind – not an industrial site filled with all shapes and sizes of polyethylene and steel core tanks And yet, when Nicole Oblad, the CEO of National Storage Tank (NST) talks about the plans and inventory at her company’s

Fire At The Winery – Rural Agricultural Fire Prevention for Wineries & Farms

As you read the following keep one thing in your mind: “Fighting Fires with No Hydrants – No City Water Lines” “It’s so picturesque here!” those were the words that tumbled out of my old friend’s mouth after driving an hour in silent reverence from Santa Rosa to a famous and remote St Helena winery in rural

Water for Elephants in California

Two California Water Tank Companies & One Non-Profit Team Up to help drought-stricken Animal Sanctuaries across California Nicolas—PAWS Resident National Storage Tank is the West Coast’s largest purveyor of water tanks, and sees the effects of the California drought first hand; “We see the effect of the drought

Cracked! – Cement Tanks Versus Steel Tanks

Since the 1930’s concrete water tanks have been thought to be the best and least expensive option to store water in a variety of different capacities Time has proven the wiser, and the condition many for these tanks are in after only a few years of being in service is disheartening, especially if you were the one paying for